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Cortisol High, Estrogen Low?


I have question, ( im female 33) is there some relationship between cortisol and estrogen? I have done some test and it shows that my cortisol is high ( done in the morning) and my estradiol is Low. Also progesterone is low, right below the normal range. Are those hormones affecting each other somehow?

thank you

No idea…not sure you’re going to find anyone knowledgeable about female hormone profiles on a T replacement forum…unless we have an MD endocrinologist lurking. The knowledge here tends to be very specific.

I have worked female hormone problems IRL. Was ATCH tested? If cortisol is high and ATCH is low, that is an adrenal disorder.

Did you feel hyper or agitated when you did the lab work? Wondering if that created a cortisol spike. How did you feel? Tired or ready to take on the world?

Do you get tired at night or wired?

Your sex drive is probably low too. Your LH and FSH levels are not driving your ovaries to produce normal levels of steroid hormones. Pregnenolone is converted to progesterone and that is the feed for production of cortisol. Seems to be a conflict there.

Are you gaining weight? Skin drier? Feel cold easier? Check your body temperatures. At or below 97.3 when you wake up or unable to get to 98.6 in the afternoon? These are hypothyroid issues. And if you do not use iodized salt and do not have iodine in your vitamins, that might be the reason. Hypothyroidism, often subclinical, will reduce LH and FSH.

Some good vitamin or whole food shops sell KAL Progesterone cream. Some women find that they cannot apply at night and others have no problem with that. For some, it increases cortisol when it should be low and then they are awake, not tired.

Low estrogen can weaken a woman’s caring and nurturing circuits.

Low progesterone can leave you estrogen dominant: This can be a risk for heart disease. Can lead to painful periods, bitchiness, tender breasts, fibroids, PMS. You really need to try the KAL progesterone cream. You can google that and buy on line. I firmly believe that low progesterone is the major cause of all female cancers. Do not get other brands of progesterone cream, I have seen poor absorption.

A gal here tagged me here a few years ago. She was in her later 30’s and had fibroids. I started her on KAL and she felt some good benefits. She later got on stronger [Rx] and her thick endrometrium normalized and she expelled her fibroids. Her doctor was pushing for a hysterectomy.

Progesterone can be helpful and many/most should be using that in their 30’s. Progesterone levels fall starting then, just like DHEA. Speaking of DHEA, do a lab for DHEA-S then if lowish, take 25mg/day and see if that is helpful.

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Post your labs with ranges.

No, I am not a doc, just an engineer.

Hi, thnks for your reply KSman, here is the link with my history so you can look. I 'm already on 150mcg synthroid and 12.5 cytomel. also 1000mcg metformin. My last the most current blood test are

cortisol 500nmol/l normal range 101-536
LH 10.5 U/l normal range 1.1-77
FSH 9.24 U/ml normal 1.51-33.4
estradiol 39 pg/ml normal range 38-649
progesterone 0.78 ng/ml normal range 0.10-15.9

i have been gaining weight without changing diet, exercise 6 days, cardio always so whats happening?

In the link above, down below the listed causes, there is a table “THE DISORDERS OF CORTISOL SECRETION”. It is a bit cryptic, note the up and down arrows indicating increased or decreased levels.

Your LH and FSH are in the lower end of the range. Your hormones change a lot during your cycle. Without knowing the day of your cycle, the lab results are not very useful. Labs seem to be requested near day 21.

If your body temp is low, your synthroid is:

  • too low
  • T4–>T3 conversion is poor
  • fT3 is been blocked by rT3

What is happening? Can you respond to other questions and points?

Weight gain can be expected with functional hypothyroidism or low hormones, your testosterone levels will be lower to and that is catabolic. High cortisol can be very catabolic, but you are high normal. Nevertheless, that effect should be factor. Low testosterone and higher cortisol is not a good combo.

Have you noticed any changes to the shape of your face? Now more round or apple shaped. That can be from too much cortisol or related synthetics.

The blood test was done 12th day of cycly (12th day after my period started)

temperature is usually 97.8 in the morning

my face got chubbier… as i posted earlier i have started gaining weight so it is visible on my face too :frowning:

my Rt3 has been elevated, this was the reason my doctor took me off from synthroid and put me on Cytomel 25mcg oly to clear out RT3…cytomel only didn’t work for me, I felt like crap, couldn’t function, felt dizzy, and gained even more. So after this experience she put me back on synthroid 150mcg and 12.5 cytomel only. I feel lil better, no dizzy, but weight is issue.

Month ago doct ordered 2 hours glucose tolerance test that showed abnormalities. 30 min after 75g glucose drink my sugar jumped up to 209, after 1 hour 187 and than 1.5 hr 210 again and 2hr 175, 2.5 hr 153…so thats why I had started Metformin.

what a mess

I haven’t check testosteron lately.

another question what is the most accurate adrenal test? saliva or blood or urine?

Seems like PCOS.

My wife had PCOS for years. Doc put her on high progestin oral birth control [OBC]. The progestins made her hair start to fall out and she felt bad in many ways. I got her to stop the OBC and all of those problems cleared. With KAL progesterone cream, PCOS seems to be resolved and may other issues caused by estrogen dominance cleared up.

Best adrenal test is a four sample saliva test to see what cortisol does during the day. Second best is the standard 8AM cortisol test. Wilson’s book on Adrenal Fatigue is a good read and you can see if the book seems to be talking about you.

Can you tell us more about the time frame for your changes? Last few years or since you were a teen? Anything else happen physically or mentally during this time period?

I second looking into the progesterone cream. While Estrogen is important, progesterone is too! And usually when Estrogen drops, progesterone plummets and is actually the cause for many of the symptoms.

PCOS can be tough - is this why the doctor has you on metformin? Do you have normal periods? In the past? Before meds?

[quote]florida2001 wrote:

I have question, ( im female 33) is there some relationship between cortisol and estrogen? I have done some test and it shows that my cortisol is high ( done in the morning) and my estradiol is Low. Also progesterone is low, right below the normal range. Are those hormones affecting each other somehow?

thank you[/quote]

Blood is a false reading
Suggest 24 hour coritsol saliva.
e2 low depends on what phase of cycle you are in. Blood needs to be taken day 17-22 of cycle
I deal with womens issues been doing it for over 7 years.

I’m wondering your physical stats (height,weight)? My sister has PCOS (as does almost every female on my father’s side) and she has been unable to find any help other than the suggestion that she have bariatric surgery. She’s a very big girl at 5’5" and probably close to 400 lbs.

Most of her doctors have told her the only way they know how to break the cycle of PCOS is drastic weight reduction through surgery. I will say I have cousins who also have PCOS and while none of them are sporting 6-pack abs they are no where near my sister’s size and they too have been unable to really do anything about their PCOS.