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Cortisol Blockers?

I am a cortisol making machine!

I get stressed but in the outside I manage it well and keep my cool, thus I keep gathering this hormone and as result I am about to hit a ****ing wall again.

Bely fat, dark bags under my eyes, terrible sleeping patterns, drowsiness during the afternoon, physical exhaustion after no exertion, sugar cravings, son on… I have all the symptoms.

I made good use of this long weekend and slept a lot, didn’t party, made no commitments, relaxed as much as possible and slept some more.

As first step I completely cut off stimulant consumption. Tomorrow I start going sugar free (wish me luck).

I just restarted my vitamin/supplement regimen: vitamin C, multy, fish oil and liv 52.

I normally eat tons of veggies and lean animal protein (a lot by the way), I seldom have dairy, fruit juice, pop and breads.

Today was the last time eating nuts (I only like cashews but I don’t digest it well).

My WO right now is 4 days of weights (German volume training) and 3 or 4 days of cardio (45 min run or doing most of a spinning class) and 1 or 2 pilates classes (mostly do the stretches).

The cardio portion I’ll switch to 20 min light cardio plus stretches.


What do you guys know about Phosphatidylserine?

How effective is it?

Where can I buy it in Canada?

Do you know of any other cortisol suppressant or metabolizer?

Is the anything else missing?



i seem to have had good results using large amounts of BCAA’s, how Charles Poliquin recommends. Ive also added the Phosphatidylserine in my post workout supplements at 800mg. Aint the cheapest thing, and am not quite sure if Ive noticed anything.

I defo recommend the BCAA’s mate.

I think I would also drop the cardio, and concentrate on my weights. I say this cause Ive just finished reading the German Body Comp book.

Anyway, good luck

If it is that bad, you will eventually get adrenal fatigue, and that is even worse than high levels of cortisol. If you are getting really stressed out I would suggest counselling and possibly a benzo for the really bad times.