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Cortisol Blockers?

Has anyone ever used Cort-Bloc and does anyone know if it works?


Check out Corti-Sham by Chris Lockwood. It's a solid read on the subject.



Thats what I thought too. But John Berardi recommends them under supplement reviews on his website, so I was kind of confused.


Ah, yeah, I forgot that Cort-Bloc is mainly a PS supplement. All the names start to sound the same, so I lumped it in with the ones that are definitely junk. My apologies.

I believe the jury is still out on PS. Some say it's great at blunting the cortisol response to training (~ 30% reduction, I believe), while I've heard others say it only blunts non-exercise related cortisol.

Lots of info to read, and I think this is one of the things you have to make your own opinion about.


I've been taking it for about 2 weeks, but don't "feel" anything different.
I did find a couple sites that said it worked though, including Men's Health.
Hope that helps.


Thanks for the advice. The fact that it was in Men's Health leads me to believe it probably doesn't work at all


It's pure BULL CRAP!