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Cortisol Article Questions

Generally speaking, are people going to have higher cortisol levels with 3 full body workouts or 6 smaller workouts given the same total volume?

Also how do explosive versus eccentric versus isometric compare in cortisol production?


The sessions itself will lead to a higher cortisol release because there will be more volume in the whole body workouts. BUT they will have a lower cortisol level on the off days, which is where most of the anabolism occurs. On the upper/lower sessions (which have half the volume in your question0 the cortisol during the session will be lower BUT it will be elevated 6 days a week.

Which one will work best depends on your stress levels during the week (from other sources) and the individual’s tolerance to stress.

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When the best damn full body session will be available :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I might write it, good idea. When I train athletes I use 3 whole body sessions


Witch workout is 3x full body and 1 x accessory on thibarmy ?

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