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Cortisol Article Questions

Generally speaking, are people going to have higher cortisol levels with 3 full body workouts or 6 smaller workouts given the same total volume?

Also how do explosive versus eccentric versus isometric compare in cortisol production?


The sessions itself will lead to a higher cortisol release because there will be more volume in the whole body workouts. BUT they will have a lower cortisol level on the off days, which is where most of the anabolism occurs. On the upper/lower sessions (which have half the volume in your question0 the cortisol during the session will be lower BUT it will be elevated 6 days a week.

Which one will work best depends on your stress levels during the week (from other sources) and the individual’s tolerance to stress.

When the best damn full body session will be available :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I might write it, good idea. When I train athletes I use 3 whole body sessions


Witch workout is 3x full body and 1 x accessory on thibarmy ?