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Cortisol and Fat Deposit

Hi Coach hope u r having a good time. I want to ask u that when Cortisol increases there r three favourite regions of Cortisol to deposite fat and they are .
Abdomin / obliques area
Lattisimus Dorsi.
Now i have searched in so many books but i didn’t get the answer. That when Cortisol increases why fat deposited in these 3 regions only… like my main motive is to know y these 3 regions in human body…
Looking forward for ur reply coach…

That is Charles Poliquin’s theory. First called Biosignature, then Bioprint and finally Metabolic analytics. It is based more on observation of athletes and comparing their hormonal blood tests with body fat measurements. Personally I do not really believe in that. I believe that storing more fat in one area is more dependant on the number of alpha adrenergic receptors, the more you have the harder it is to mobilize fat in that region.

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Has anyone measured the number of these receptors to support this hypothesis? Do alpha adrenergic receptors get more or less sensitive with adrenaline exposure? Is it a matter of the blood flow effect caused by the receptors? I am somewhat puzzled since adrenaline tends to cause vasodilation, why does it increase fat mobilization?

I think I can help with that. First of all there are 5 types of adrenergic receptors. The beta 1 and alpha 2 are mainly expressed in fat cells. The adrenergic receptors can have opposing effects eg: beta 2 receptors cause vasodilation whilst alpha 1 receptors cause vasoconstriction.

Why does adrenaline mobilize fat? This is because in a situation of high stress adrenaline is raised and mobilizes energy from all sources including triglycerides from fat cells. How a cell reacts to adrenaline is mediated through the receptor type. The heart per example has beta 1 receptors which increase heart rate if activated.

Receptors do generally get desensitized (down regulated) after exposure to a high concentration of an agonist.

If you want to read up on the receptors in fat cells in a non scientific article, I think this one touches it

If you want to look up the research, go to pubmed or something similar.

It’sa fight or flight neurotransmitter. It is responsible for putting your body in the best state to fight a tiger or run away from it. Ir increases wakefullness, contraction strength, speed and also enetgy mobilization so that you don’t run out of fuel.

I am trying to just understand why having a lot of alpha receptors in a certain area would make it harder to burn fat from that area.

From the article:

“Stubborn fat releases its fat more slowly the non-stubborn fat. This is due to two different types of receptors in fat cells. Your major fat releasing hormones are the catecholamines – norepinephrine and epinephrine to Americans, and noradrenaline and adrenaline to most of the rest of the world.

These hormones bind receptors in fat tissue that send the signal to speed fat release or slow fat release. These receptors are known as alpha and beta-receptors. The betas speed fat release. Think B for beta and burn. The alphas slow fat release. Think A for alpha and anti-burn.

These receptors have this effect largely because they turn on intracellular signaling that either speeds or decreases the activity of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), the major fat releasing enzyme in the body.

This is all mediated by cyclic AMP (cAMP). So, to beat stubborn fat you’ll need to do things that increase the activity of beta-receptors and decrease the activity of alpha-receptors.”

As I said: alpha and beta receptors act differently. Alpha1 is Gq coupled, Alpha2 is Gi coupled, the betas are Gs coupled. Think of s like simulatory and i as inhibitory. The molecular pathway doesn’t really matter but for the record: s increases cAMP and i decreases cAMP. You can look that up easily for yourself in different physiology articles.

As a side note: clenbuterol is a beta agonist, that’s why it’s used to burn fat

When you have more alpha than beta receptors you more easily put the brakes on when it comes to adrenergic acitivity which includes fat mobilization.

So sorry for the late reply coach but thankyou very much for such quick responce i will look in to it…