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Cortes Pics

I heard Cortes posted some pics. I went to his profile and looked at all his recent posts, and looked in several forums but can’t find them.

Does anyone know where pics are from his recent competition?

In his profile.


Great build. Weak biceps, but other than that, great.


Found them. He does look good. Triceps are cut up

For a first show he looks tremendous. How do you build a physique like that on Sushi ? :wink:

One trouble I have with BBing contests is the same problem I have with point karate competitions is judging is often political. I am not sure I have the presence of mind to deal with that now - that is why I like UFC/MMA, swimming, running etc - is you know who the winner is without judging interference (or at least less).

He looks tremendous, especially for a first show.

I am not sure I have the presence of mind to do a BBing comp (even if I had the physique now) - since the results are so predicated on politics with the judges. That is also the problem I have with point karate tournaments - so much politics. Its also why I like UFC/MMA , track, swimming etc - the winner is more obvious and less based on politics.

I believe he said he didn’t place well (or didn’t expect to place well) just because he was a foreigner.