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Cortes is Back...


...and the first thing I read is that Dark Ninjaa is a man. What gives?


  1. Yes, DN, I am stalking you.


  3. trolololololololololololol!!!1!!


Are you sure? What led you to this conclusion?


You missed so much talk of Japanese women...


Dang it. Links?


Well, other than my own long held assumption, this quote:

from this thread:



And csulli, you are looking jacked, man! Nice work!


I was poking fun at the title lol


Well, that may be a mistaken conclusion, brought on by the fact that Dark Ninjaa seems to have a lot more balls than the majority of her detractors.

Welcome back, you kusogaijin yarou. :slight_smile:


You are confusing me spar4tee. Answering your posts makes me feel like I'm swinging at a pinata. f(^_^)?



You and Chushin are the only people on this board from whom I'll allow that as a term of endearment.

Where have you been, buddy?





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fuckin foreign bastard?


Japanese term of endearment. Or so my ex-wife assured me.


Oh, here, there and everywhere. Took some time off from T-Nation, but was lured back after stumbling across an old thread where Chushin among others was speculating on the reasons for my absence. Shall we say that rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. What brought me back, though, was the new to clear up the details of a legend On Edge was attempting to spread about me, involving the sinews of a freshly-killed wild boar and the teeth of a catfish... Or something like that.

But even I didn't start up a thread whose sole purpose was to announce my return, Cortes, and I guarantee you that my ego is much bigger than yours. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Careful with your guarantees now, my friend... ( ^ _____ ~ )b


Oh, and Varq, I can assure you, this thread is solely about my obsession with DN. As are all of our threads. And posts. And thoughts.