Cort/Test Blood Work

I was just wondering if doctors will easily give you a test of your cortisol and Test levels, or will they give you a hard time about it? Anyone have any experiences? Also, anyone have an opinion on getting the tests done through the mail? Thanks.

VCreed, I’d keep it pretty simple. Just say you’re there for a yearly checkup, that you’d like blood work done and that you’re really feeling run down, depleted, low sex drive, that you work out pretty hard and wonder if the two are related – would he be so kind as to also order cortisol to testosterone ratio.

Maybe someone else will stop by with a more elegant approach. (grin)

Beat the Doc if he doesn’t give you a test. Then, after you are done, double over weezing and puke. Then exclaim, “I have no drive any more.”

You might wanna watch out which doc you try to “beat.”

A few of us can hold our own. :wink:

I went in to my doctor and gave him a whole list of things to check (lipids, CBC, T, E, cortisol, homocysteine…) He was ready to do them, but he needed diagnostic codes for the insurance. Impotence works well to justify the T and E. If you have some extra body fat, you can use obesity as an umbrella for a lot of tests too. (Maybe if you’re really lean you can use some eating disorder code.)