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Corruption in Federal Reserve/Sander's Report


The Government Accountability Office just finished an audit of the federal reserve. They found pretty much huge levels of cronyism and conflicts of interest.

The details are summarized down from like a 250pg document into a 5 pg document called the Sander's Report. Link it attached and give it a read.


Think this is the start of a change?


Cliff notes:

They are all a bunch of slimeballs and I want such a gig so badly.

Lets see, could I make gazillions if I got to vote on who gets bailed out?

Would it influence my opinion if I had a stake in some companies?

You betcha!

And, best of all who gets to vote for the board of directors of the FED?

The companies that could need some bail out money?

No wai!

I thought that they would find something but this is pure gold.



"Corruption" when it comes to what is basically a counterfeiting operation is perhaps too strong a word.

They seem to be getting along just fine.

Of course this whole thing was designed to fleece the public, it is blatantly unfair to call an organization corrupt that simply does what it is supposed to do.


If this topic actually interests you read my link. Fo realz. I know it's long but it's very informative.



^ And I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist.


What do you think would've happened if the banks weren't bailed out? Didn't the SENATE approve the bailouts? Is the fed responsible for the sub-prime mortage loans that precipitated the crisis?


Report finds '18' current AND FORMER board members 'affiliated' with companies that were bailed out. And there's 108 CURRENT members of the board according to the report - 'mostly white'(read Jews and Freemasons.) Who would've guessed that some of the people on the board of directors of the federal bank might've worked for some of the larger banking/investment and industrial companies also? Spooky.


Nothing much.

The buildings would have sill been there, the people would have still been there, BUT they would have changed owners/employers and a lot of CEOs would have lost their jobs.

Apparently we cant have billionaires losing money.


First of all, where does that Jews and Freemason stuff come from?

Second, yes, are affiliated with organizations that were bailed out, the rest gets sent there by banks that deal with the FED daily and are influenced by its decisions too.

Why the fuck does the FED let banks vote on who gets to be a director on the board anyway? Conflict of interest much?


Okay, maybe just Freemasons then(Ben Bernanke is an international Freemason I've heard.)

But I agree there are conflicts of interest and the fed needs reform.


I can tell you with certainty the pyramid, all seeing eye of the Grand Architect of the Universe and the phrases "Annuit Coeptis" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" are Masonic. The connect the dot game is coincidence, however.

The world domination theory espoused by Masonic conspiricay theorists is bs too. We live in the New World Order and have been doing so since the Rennessaince period.

Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Revere even General Cornwallis who basically surrendered the British military in a foolish move to end the American Revolution were all Masons. You can tromp in to the Scottish Rite Temple in DC as a tourist and verify this fact yourself.

Franklin often garnered French support through French lodges and the Green Dragon Tavern (Boston Tea Party) was actually a Masonic Lodge upstairs.

None of this info is a secret.

At the time, the Masons leading the revolution were of course committing conspiricy as they planned to usurp England's power in a revolt.

The idea was to break Monarchial chains and give all the freedoms we learned about in history class growing up.

Colonists won of course and an interesting fact for you theorists is that the New World Order of democracy and inalienable human rights as a part of daily life went in to effect with the drafting of the constitution.

The original bill of rights, 1-10, are the Masonic Constitution, pre-dating the USA and modern democracy in general.

The fight is over. The "Great Work" is done. We all live in a "Masonic" world, which is quentessentially an "American" world.

There are no ploys to enslave you. Freedom was the root cause and freedom we have.

The Illuminati, on the other hand (now nonexistant) was a group of nobles uprising in an attempt to quell the "peoples" uprisings around the world after the "shot heard round the world" and they did infiltrate various economies by introducing lending in banking. (They had the money to lend, being nobles and kings and all)

Rothchild said something along the lines of "Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it's laws"

Which is where my link comes in. Read it.

It's interesting in general and if you just have to tie secret societies in to our money supply it will help you. But it's not the masons. The shit you are discussing goes against all beliefs, oaths and practices of "Regular Lodges".


Ooooo-kaaay...(backs slowly out of thread)


I dont think you get it.

Some of these banks were leveraged 30 to 40 to 1.

That is either insane, or you know something.

So what could it have been, given that they knew what the FED would do?


90% of the bullshit theories flying around are old, misapplied and incorrectly quoted conjecture coupled with imaginations.

Just be careful about the other 10%, you wouldn't want to scratch the belly of the beast.


/ hijack

And read my previous link. The recent corruption is just par for the course....


The federal reserve is an institution built entirely on a foundation of corruption. On a side note can anybody tell me what happened to almost every world leader who dared to oppose the absolute power of the global central banking pyramid? (they got shot)


^ R-E-A-D my link.


Corruption. It's everywhere. Got to watch that Bernanke fella with his 'gold is not money' stuff too. What's he hiding? That's what I'd like to know.


Dr No grills Goldfinger. Watch him squirm.

Where's our gold Bernanke? What have you done with it all?


Cool story bros. WTF can we do about it?


I read something that November 4th or something like that was a "Bank Withdrawal" day or something term liked that.

People are supposed to be closing their accounts at these big for-profit banks, whose CEOs and executives may sit on the board at the fed, and move them into local non-profit credit unions.

I'm interested to see how it goes. The potential is there for a a mini revolution, but how many people care enough to put their money where their mouth is so to speak, is the question to be asked.