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Corrupt? Unethical? No problem!


Tom Delay's supporters must be a blindly loyal lot:


I guess that's democracy for you. I hope someone beats him.


Texas votes along party lines for the most part.

That is how Gene Greene stays in congress despite his record.


Yes,Its amazing how people can lie to themselves and blindly follow jokers like that, and think they can do no wrong.i live near a city that has a famous gambling baseball player,that always surrounded himself with coke and steroid dealers and was a real prick unless he could make money off of you.and the people around hear acted like he was god and could do no wrong just because he was the hometown boy.then he admitted to betting on baseball after yrs. of lies.


Politics is about lies. It is also apparently much like a football game. It doesn't matter if the quarterback beat his wife right before the game. There will be enough fans only interested in the score to ignore it.