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Corrmhona's Back

I floated the idea of corn rows for the back hair. Wife’s reply:
"Some things are outside the spousal contract."
She says the same thing about shaving it for me.

Nothing wrong with hair on a man.

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
Nothing wrong with hair on a man.

…unless he pastes it there himself…

Not saying you do that. Speaking for the general case.

Like this?

Nice rock. How much does it weigh?

Short sleeves in the snow? You’re tougher than me.

I wasn’t out for that long and my parents always kept the house at 65 all winter when I was growing up. I regretted the short sleeves when all the snow in the branches fell down my neck…

Not sure on the stone weight. I’ll weigh and report back in, but probably not until next weekend. We are into the part of the year when it is dark out except when I am at work through the week.

Those are awesome pics! Keep up the good work. You look very fit

Love the snow shots.

Who does your eyebrows? They look very striking.

Thanks GV & confusion.

Minimal: I do them myself. Hours a week shaping with the tweezers…you wouldn’t believe how long the dye alone takes.

AM Workout:
Layer 1: (30s between sets) 3x120, 3x170, 3x190, 1x210, 1x220, 1x240, 0x250, 1x240
Layer 2:(30s between sets, 10s between reps): 5x220, 5x210, 3x210
Hit a dizzy spell and decided to stop before layer 3.

Yeah, that’s right, I do actually work out.

The rests are part of the program, but I’m not sure I am up to it. Will give the first week a try and see if it just an anomaly. If not, I need to figure out whether the timing is key or whether I can stretch it out.

Tabata and some other conditioning stuff tomorrow. A few more loads at my mum’s house so I may not get evening workouts started again until next week.

You’re holding that rock like it’s your newborn and you’ll kill anyone who touches it, or like it’s a 100lb steak and you’ll kill anyone who touches it.

I have to chime in, the shots are really cool. Those nasty bushy eyebrows one (me in this case) get’s with age, or why do I need grey nose hair?

so glad the man grooming portion of this thread is over !!! what’s a layer and how many are there and why? And Tabata work is awesome…provided awesome rhymes with breathing optional…good on you for doing it…I traded in Tabata for pink dumbbells I’m much happier now!

Crushed: My son was taking pictures and trying to figure out my phone camera. He took about 12 shots and I had to shift around angles. I looked to grumpy in the rest so I went with that one, instead of this one.

Avacado: My nose hair is, untrimmed, indistinguishable from a mustache. My kids are quite concerned I keep it trimmed, but they want to know what scissors I use so they don’t accidentally touch them.

OG: OK, now the grooming is done… :wink:

OG: Christian Thibaudeau, one of the authors on the site, came up with a one lift a day plan where you ramp up to max, which is the first layer, then do 3 sets ot 5-7 reps with 10 seconds between at 90% of your max, then a set of 5, a set of 4, a set of 3 a set of 2 and a set of 1 with about 10-15s between sets at 80% of your max. There other “layers” for different purposes, but the first one is to activate the nervous system, the fast twitch fibers and the third is to stimulate the rest of the muscle fibers. I’ll review it if I ever get through a workout.

For better details:

I am expecting to get medical treatment after the tabata if it doesn’t kill me.

Tabata is a killer, a gentle homicidal maniac routine.

You Canadians with your tabata and your hockey. Insane.

Layers look tough lots of reps, up close to max , with little rest…good luck Corrmhona


"Hit a dizzy spell and decided to stop before layer 3. "

That is your bodies way of saying “Good Work, you’re killing us. Please Stop” As far as the rest of it, excellent work it seems like a real grinder, you might however want to invest in a pair of sweats, or possibly snow pants if you plan on doing stuff outdoors in the Great White North,

Crazy stuff. Nice work.