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Corrmhona's Back

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
I’m not too bad. Just need to get the clutter cleared away. Got inspired to take pics of my own flabby ass so if I get in shape I can see the difference later. Wife refused to add my head in if I was going to be “stripping down, flexing like a monkey and posting it on the internet” so for my face you have to go back to the video. [/quote]

So when do you start flexing like a monkey?

[quote]cavalier wrote

So when do you start flexing like a monkey?

Challenge Accepted!!!

Monkey Flex? Is that a new bodybuilding mag?

Sounds like stuff my wife would say. Keep up the good work.

Wouldn’t mind about the waistline.

Maybe it’s all the hair on old boys body. lmao. i had none so i got tats

I carefully cultivate the hair so it deepens the shadows around the muscles to make them look bigger. The young guys I work with can’t believe I don’t wax my back. Of course they are all going for that “smoothly shave scrotum” thing, so I think there is a gulf between us.

I think the conversation has taken a peculiar angle.

Yeah, a reflex angle at that. There are so many things I could say, but for once I’ll leave it.

No flexing monkey in here yet? Thought you guys always had to do the gun show pics.

You look like your back could dominate!


I was going to comment on your workout but I found that the last week has dealt primarily with how hairy your back is, I say don’t let people judge you for being furry, you should be proud of it, maybe have it cornrowed so your back looks like Bo Derek in “10”, seriously extra hair is a geographically necessary adaption by your body.

I myself am a tad hirsute, luckily my chest and belly hair has all gone grey/white making me look like a man wearing a wife beater from a distance and a Yeti up close. I think 80% of the reason my wife hired a landscaper was neighborhood complaints about my shirtless yardwork. I’ve got your back Cormhona (and some clippers if need be.).

Flexing like a monkey has to wait for the weekend. I am still looking for the right monkey to learn from.

Yesterday was swapping out to snow tires, as we are getting our third round of snow this weekend, and this one is supposed to stay. Tonight is getting my house battened down for winter, and tomorrow at 8 am we meet my sister and her husband to haul the junk out of my mum’s house so she can sell.

8 am…he is a farmer and I agreed to first thing in the morning as he has an hour and a half drive to get to her house so I thought first thing would be maybe 10, but even with the drive it is 8. They have a big trailer and we are down to stuff that I don’t think we can give to goodwill. Monkey flexing is after that, and new workout starts Monday.

My back hair is long enough to do corn rows across the shoulders, but I need someone to take them out at the end of the day as they are uncomfortable to sleep on. I don’t quite get the same effect as Bo Derek in “10” though. As a point of interest, I shave my neck all the way around, the gap between my head and shoulders isn’t natural… :wink:


I have my wife shear me down weekly…or else I would like a Yetti

Nah, you are too buff for a yeti…

Bo Derek has you beat big buddy,even now!

If I didn’t sheer myself once a week I would make bears look bald.

This thread has taken a disturbing direction . . .

[quote]cavalier wrote:
This thread has taken a disturbing direction . . .[/quote]
It’s about Corrmhona’s Back


6" of snow last night, and the roads are icy as hell as the sanding trucks aren’t out yet. Got 1.38 metric tons out of my mum’s house and into my brother in laws trailer to haul to the waste centre yesterday before the snow started. Three of use carrying, largely out of the basement. A few more trips and it is done, but starting my new workout tomorrow anyway. Declared a snow at home and goofed off. OK, picture time:

Left to right:

Me in a kilt holding a the biggest rock I can currently pick up.

Me falling from the tree because all the snow got knocked out of it down my neck on my first attempt to jump up and flex like a monkey.

Me flexing like a monkey. I need to do some direct arm work…