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Corrmhona's Back

Bah, flu… Get some airborne health. My wife swears by it and it always seems to help.

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
If I do the second leg, Wyoming to Illinois I’ll be within spitting distance of Omaha.

I’ll get you access to a gym with a couple of squat racks and appropriate hydration.

I have a contact email on my hub.

2busy: Cool. It probably won’t be until next year though. I don’t get out often… Thanks!

So I did manage to work out last night, but the snow seems to have knocked out our internet at home so I couldn’t post. I hate the wet snow season…

Slow, not a lot of hip drive and slow coming under the bar…like catching it well on its way down slow, but here is what I managed:

Snatch: 3x120#, 1x140#, 1x130#, 1x150#, 1x160#, 1x180# and done. Took three tries to hit the 180. It was up plenty high enough even with my hips stuck in low gear, but I just couldn’t move under deep enough fast enough with my flu ridden carcass.

Calories: 3332
Protein: 320 g
Fat: 117 g
Carbs: 250 g

Great work staying with that snatch…!!!

And 320grams of protein…I think that would be 3 days for me, 3 big days!

I can lose fat one of two ways. Either I freebase protein or I starve. I lose a lot of muscle mass with the second option. The other fun thing about being me is that yes, 3300 calories is weight loss. The crappy part about being me is that I’m still hungry on 3300.

Ooo snatches! Keep them up please.

I did Clean & Jerks, just out of spite. :wink: Snatches will be back next week, but the C&J has been sorely neglected.

120, 140, 160, 190, one each.

Even sicker today. Haven’t been doing enough front squats either. Perhaps I’m weak from hunger…

calories: 3168
protein: 320
fat: 105
carbs: 236

Have you seen the Carb Night Solution? It’s great stuff and really works. My wife has lost weight and I do a close version which has my fat down quite a bit.

Sorry about the dog, thats a heart breaker every time :frowning:

I wouldnt want to starve…

Sorry about the pooch, Happy anniversary…

470 on the pull was legit with some time off nice!


Deadlift is easy for me. 80" reach, 34" inseam, I barely have to bend down so it isn’t as good as it sounds. When I hit twice bodyweight I’ll be happier.

Today was off for lifting. Didn’t get around to eating much either.

calories 2366
protein 89.3
fat 71.8
carb 261.1

Hibernated for the weekend…I 'm feeling much better now.

AM Workout:
OHP 5x60#, 5x72.5#, 5x87.5#, 5x110#, 5x117.5#, 4x122.5#, 10x72.5#, 10x72.5#, 10x72.5#, 8x72.5#, 2x72.5#
Pulldowns 5x10x200#

PM Workout:
Edit: Squats 6x120#, 10s hold at the bottom. Stretch and warmup
C&J 3x120#, 3x140#, 3x160#, 2x170#
Snatch 9x1x140#
Treadmill 15 minx3 mph

Been practicing the snatch as the C&J is “easy”…not anymore. Getting my squat in on the clean OK, just can’t shelf it again. Need to add some practice, but not tonight…

calories 3267
protein 340
fat 113
carb 222

I haven’t been following, gotta get caught up. Sorry about the dog, congrats on the lifting. Oly lifting always impresses me.

cav : Thanks. I wish I was better at it. I used to have the lifts down much better, so I can see all my errors…fixing them is the hard part! Wishing I had never quit, I had better flexibility from practicing the lifts than I had from all the stretching I did for karate.

Got busy Tuesday night, forgot to log.

AM Workout:
Deadlifts 5x152.5#, 5x190#, 5x227.5#, 5x285#, 5x302.5, 5x322.5#, 5x10x190#
…oh my god, right after killing the lats with the pulldowns I did this to myself…more intense than cardio, I need to toss the heart monitor for next week.
Crunches 5x10x10#
…I need to do some real ab work. I get more from front squats than from these. Going to keep them up for now because they are easy but once I am less crippled from the rest of this I will figure out something more solid.

PM Workout:
OHS 6x120#
…Still working my way down…these are supposed to be my warmup stretch
Snatch 3x120#, 3x140#, 3x160#, 3x170#, 3x180#
…I’m making sure I take a moment for a full set up between reps on the triples. I saw a crossfit shoe add and it wormed bad form into my subconscious
C&J 9x1x140#
…practice. Need to shove in some front squats to get my wrists back in proper position.

Calories 3302
Protein 348.5
Fat 113
Carbs 222

Today I was tied up in meetings, ate a big plate of pasta for lunch and generally ignored all sense of proportion in my eating. Didn’t work out either.

Sorry to hear about the crossfit shoe mind warp. Looks like some good work.

I,m impressed with what you,re doing after serious medical issues. My hat goes off to you. And,i would call that shirt lavender. Hehehe.

Today I turned 101010

Weighed in at 252, 21% BF according to the highly inaccurate anthropomorphic method I’m using.

However, apparently that only means 18, as that is as far as I got on the dl test. I decided to do age reps at bodyweight on the deadlift to celebrate my birthday. I got that punched in the chest feeling the docs think I should avoid at 18 so decided to stop. Some of my worst mistakes have been listening to doctors about exercise, but I never learn. I was going to lift raw, but my wife figured it would get me banned from the forum so I went with shorts and a t-shirt :wink:

I got chai flavoured beer for my birthday. I have publicly stated I enjoy chai. It does not, however, go with beer. Should someone offer you one, I suggest declining, if not running screaming from the room. I have almost finished the 6 pack put I’m not enjoying it.

Thanks everyone for all your support, and I love being on this forum. Yes, I am a little drunk at this point.

Vid didn’t seem to load…

I can’t belive how much back I’m using, it feels like all legs.

Drunk posting! Isn’t that cute. Next time let me know so I can time a drink too. I’ve become quite the lush this year, unfortunately.
Need to see you at an angle for the dl’s, not that I can talk since filming anything for me is a big pain in the ass.

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
…I’m making sure I take a moment for a full set up between reps on the triples. I saw a crossfit shoe add and it wormed bad form into my subconscious
Did you not try a red hot poker to take out your eyes? Besides its good to do resets between reps, well it was for me anyway.

250lbs at 21% IMO is really pretty good, I know alot of lifters who at 250 are tubs of shit, too me you are looking pretty svelte!