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At that age, are you certain it’s the fencing? We were all 16 once.

Maybe some left hammer swings and/ or shovelgloving with the left hand could help a bit

[quote]Crushed_Idiot wrote:
At that age, are you certain it’s the fencing? We were all 16 once.[/quote]
I know my arm didnt get any bigger. lol

An athletic 16 yr old, certainly he has enough girlfriends to take on that job.

Ya know I asked that fencing instructor the same thing, about how does one keep their body balanced, she claimed that one is using both sides so there isn’t any imbalance. That’s when I knew she didn’t quite know shit about the body.

I like that video with all the sledgehammer work and the cool music but especially the titles of the exercises.

You have one of these?


Crushed: Could be, but he would be so traumatized if I asked I don’t think he would ever recover. My kids are conservative prudes. They are rebelling against their parents…

Avacado: I’ve been meaning to ask what shovelgloving was but I don’t like asking questions too often as I feel stupid. Great video. I am just starting throw prep in my next cycle and that looks like a great selection of exercises to work in conjunction with the hammer. Someone told my boy that weights make you slow and haven’t been able to get him to touch anything heavy since.

minimal: His fencing coach is good at fencing, but I had to give him a conditioning program. Even the training package that he got when he got invited to the national “High Performance Program” was vague and contradictory enough to not be all that useful.

gv: Now you need to convert the exercises to kettlebell swings!

sen: It is the god of recovery devices! Bow down to the marcpro!

Slept in and went to my course. They had bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns. Perfect for sitting all day!
Chicken Kiev and rice for lunch.
Ordering room service for supper.

Planned PM Workout:
Watching TV with electrodes
No comment as to whether I will unbalance my arm development later.

There are lot’s of shovelglove exercises. Simply search youtube or google for it.
Yesterday I did a round as a warmup, included some of these as well:

I can’t youtube at work unfortunately…and that is where I do most of my surfing. To be fair it is also the place I spend the most awake time…

Cool. I think when I go out to play with my highland games gear I will try some of these out with my maul.

I do some of those movements with my T-Handle but using a maul sounds fun.

that video made me really happy for some reason.

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
And if not workable I plan on continuing that fine line between clever and stupid…

Sorry… stereotypical female dig coming! Uh huh, slow & steady did you say?

[quote]minimaltechno wrote:
Sorry… stereotypical female dig coming! Uh huh, slow & steady did you sen say? [/quote]

You called?

I’ve noticed I’m generally invulnerable until I am not, so slow and steady just has a slightly different definition for me…it isn’t like I am saying I’d start doing cardio or something crazy.

So they had a wrestling seminar (my youngest just started wrestling) at the local U this morning and there was a powerliting tournament going on in the other room so I got to watch both. Very manly.

Near the end of my son’s seminar one of the wrestler’s waiting for the senior session was warming up and foam rolling his hip. I was watching and he got up to explain foam rolling to me. I said I know I’m just jealous as I’m stiffening up standing around. He offered to lend it to me. I declined as I was just about to leave but thought what a nice kid.

As we’re speaking of starting sth. crazy, I noticed that there is a swiss strongman event every fall in the next nearest (greater) city (Burgdorf).
I like to watch it next year and maybe training hard in 2015 to participate myself.
Speaking of doing sth. stupid or crazy…

Oh, and I suggest trailrunning or even better: parcours. :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t do the par kores, i keep spilling my scotch. plus i’m fat and imobile, but it’s mostly the scotch thing.

I’m back…ish…again.

I spent December travelling, and when I got back to training in January the angina was so bad I quit. Bad me but not the first time. It isn’t a blockage, so I should have ignored it, but there is something about a sharp stabbing pain in the chest and the light pulsing with my heart beat that made me kind of cowardly.

Anyway, finally broke down and flew to the coast last month to talk to a doctor friend, instead of the other kind of doctor, and she put me on a prescription for Lopressor. Chest pain free within two weeks, and just starting to work out again. Still have only about 45 minutes then the blood cuts off to my brain. But starting to get back working out again. Need to post to keep myself honest.

Haven’t had a chance to look around, but hope to see how you are all doing soon.

Good to see you going at it again.

Glad to see you are still on the planet, thought maybe you moved to Mars.