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Corrmhona's Back

Thank you one and all.

OK, so AM workout.

They did tell me my heart was fine after the angiogram, so I do need to test it out… :wink:

Tabata. Alternating Dips and Chins. They were ugly by the end of the first set. I can’t do even 20s of chins, and by the second set, not 20s of proper dips. By the end I was having to push off each rep. By the last set I was down to 2-3 ugly reps then push off on the rest. But I kept pushing or pulling through whenever the little buzzer on my tabata time went off. Chest felt like it was on fire with lightning bolts shooting through it and my arms, pecs and lats felt like dead lead sheets hammered on to my body with red hot iron nails.

It was amazing. Loved it.

I chose not to do carries or arm work.

I had my doctor appointment afterward. CT scan results were back. Lungs are fine as far as structure. No sign of swelling or interstitial lung disease, and normal aspiration capacity. The plaque buildup in my heart was noticed and flagged as the likely cause of my problem, and the hospital recommended an angiogram. I had an angiogram a little while ago, and plaque buildup in the arteries was considered too minor cause symptoms.

Doc said that she was giving me corticosteroids if I would use them. They are for treating severe asthma, and were recommended by the cardiologist before he would see me again as he was convinced my asthma is the core of my problems. I don’t buy it, as I have asthma but the attacks I’m having don’t feel like this and nitro fixes the problem, ventolin doesn’t. I have a pulmonologist in a month and he can decide if the corticosteroids are doing any good and what shape my lungs are in.

Anyway, long story short no progress but another thing off the list. Glad I do not to have IPF, as that is a 2-5 year life expectancy so I can be happy about that. The doctor told me to be careful not to push too hard in my workouts until she figure out what is going on, so I will only do the tabata twice a week, not three like I originally planned. If I feel like I am going to die after each workout for a week or two I’ll change it up and go back to the long rest breaks in between sets, but it is a bit of a rush and I got a good arm pump in a short amount of time. Maybe I just need to push through and my body will surrender and do what I want it to.

No PM workout, son’s wrestling class was tonight, and STILL not done hauling all the stuff out of my mum’s house.

Stay tuned for Layers of OHP… on the next Corrmhona’s Back!

I hate ventolin, It’s like taking crack without any of the fun! And hopefully never want to need any corticosteroids.

One does get a nice head rush from tabata, just be careful.

wow. buddy. i,m really hoping you can figure out what,s wrong and get your mojo. Tabata is awfully intense. I,m a bit worried about it for you. i know youve done your homework though. enjoying your log man

Be careful brother…

Congratulations on not having IPF and looking forward to watching your lifting progress.

Thanks everyone! I may be crazy but I have a good time. Need to push out the stress somehow.

Slept in yesterday, so no workout. Finished hauling stuff out of my mum’s last night, but we still have some cleanup to do. Slept in AGAIN this morning, and was five minutes late for a meeting.

Dropped my 14 year old at dodgeball. After he had been playing in the league for a couple of weeks, I took a half inch wrench and yelled at him “if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball” and tossed it underhand at him and he dodged. Then he picked it up and fired it back at me overhand. I caught it left handed. His mum said “I think you are out.”

Anyway, after dodgeball I got to work out.

Layer 1: (30s between sets) 3x120, 3x130, 3x140, 1x150, 1x160, 0x170, 1x170
Layer 2:(30s between sets, 10s between reps): 4x150, 5x150, 3x150 ( a little less than the 7-7-5 recommended but what can I say…)
Layer 3:(15s between sets): 5x135, 4x135, 3x135, and things started swimming without water so I was done again…

Well, layers aren’t for me. Burnt out on the OHP. My heart rate just doesn’t drop down in the the layers with the short rest break, and it builds up and kills me. Not yet literally, but I worry it is thinking about it. Not sure what it is either.

My chest burning in the tabata was just the asthma flaring up so I can keep that, just need a little ventolin pre-workout. Travelling next week so I’ll have to come up with a new plan for the week after.

531 BBB was OK, but I think I was gaining faster if I ramp the weight up each workout. At least for a little while longer, but I would like to work in some volume as I would like a little more muscle mass. I need to keep to longer breaks to get my heart rate down between sets or I just seem to lose it but I handle the lifting fine as long as I take it slow. I get away with the tabata because it is short. Well, try and get a tabata in the morning tomorrow and see what the hotel has to offer next week. I should have a workable plan for the week after by the time I get back. And if not workable I plan on continuing that fine line between clever and stupid…

Wrench dodging, is that some sort of Alberta thing going on? I’m sure I never heard about in Vancouver so can’t it be a country wide pass time.

Like Quebec, Alberta is almost a country unto itself.

You haven’t seen the movie Dodgeball? Every now an again someone does something in a movie as a gag, and I say “Hey, that looks like a good idea.”

Woke up with a cramped back again today. Last time it was good in three days. Seems to be stress related both times.

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
Woke up with a cramped back again today. Last time it was good in three days. Seems to be stress related both times.[/quote]

Damn man,you ok?

I’m glad things are working out. Take care of yourself.

No not the back! I would say its from moving stuff more than actual training stuff? Maybe… So easy to just do something the wrong way, then bam!

Back in April when my son turned 16 and was officially 2" taller than me some beaking off occurred, and it ended in a wrestling match. The wrestling match ended in a standing gut wrench after he dropped for a double leg take down. He is rusty as he hasn’t been doing anything but fencing but he is WAY faster than me. Anyway, he didn’t drop down all the way, so I caught him around the mid section andyhanked him off the ground and swung him right into a pin. Then my started spasming and I twitched for while and was hurt for a few days. The hardest part was pretending I wasn’t hurt wrestling.

This was before I started posting on here again. I had been off karate for a couple of months and it was obvious my cardio issue wasn’t just the flu or something temporary. I hadn’t been lifting at all in years, and to be honest that is how I got hurt. When I started wrestling competitively in jr. high school I had already been throwing for a couple of years and had solid muscle development.

Anyway, twice since it has done this too me. It actually goes in the morning after I get up. This time I swung out of bed, the other time I was turning to hang a towel up as I stepped out of the shower. It is less severe each time, and it is quite far away from the spine so I am not too stressed. I’ve been hauling a lot of furniture and boxes for week while still trying to work out I think it is just a localized rebellion. I got the last of the stuff out of my mum’s house today so it is done! Now I can rest up and go on my trip this week and then start fresh the week after. I’m starting a new log then though, as the title of this one seems hexed now.

Do you take tumeric or GABA? Tumeric has helped me get through some intense muscle spasm trauma and the GABA does miracles to relax the muscles and CNS for me. Hope you are feeling better.

Getting there. In a hotel, but brought the marcpro. It is getting it back in line fairly quick. Haven’t been using tumeric or GABA, but I know I’m doing something wrong as this is the second time it happened first thing in the morning, and need to start paying better attention to diet and supplementation.

I load up on tumeric also whenever I get sick. Need to keep dosing it though to really work, got me through a tough client presentation. There is a nice indian recipe for tumeric milk with honey and other spices, the milk/cream completely softens the tumeric bitterness taste, oh and putting in some rum in it is nice to on a cold day.

No one told me you could mix it with rum! I would have been on it sooner.

AM Workout:
Slept in because the hotel is noisy.

PM Workout:
Attach the electrodes and let rip.

Back is stiff in the morning and I need to focus on my abs to off load my torso weight when bending over or it twinges a bit, but it is not hurting otherwise. I want to work out again by Sunday…

[quote]corrmhona wrote:
Back in April when my son turned 16 and was officially 2" taller than me some beaking off occurred, and it ended in a wrestling match. [/quote]

So I may assume testosterone deficiency isn’t a problem in your household? BTW, good luck with your injury.

No, I tried staying up late and drinking before the test so I could get TRT, but just couldn’t get it down below average… :wink:

The boy is getting misshapen, his right arm and shoulder are starting to look like the lift heavy, his left is merely defined…fencing is turning him into a fiddler crab.