Corrmhona's Back

OG: Christian Thibaudeau, one of the authors on the site, came up with a one lift a day plan where you ramp up to max, which is the first layer, then do 3 sets ot 5-7 reps with 10 seconds between at 90% of your max, then a set of 5, a set of 4, a set of 3 a set of 2 and a set of 1 with about 10-15s between sets at 80% of your max. There other “layers” for different purposes, but the first one is to activate the nervous system, the fast twitch fibers and the third is to stimulate the rest of the muscle fibers. I’ll review it if I ever get through a workout.

For better details:

I am expecting to get medical treatment after the tabata if it doesn’t kill me.