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Corrmhona's Back

Well back from 5 weeks off of angiogram recovery followed by chasing field techs down the line from Alberta to Texas. Lugging gear and snapping off fence posts after they slid a truck sideways into a fence was my main exercise. The picture is better than shirt off, as the hair fuzzes out the lines on my back more than a shirt ever could…

Into the Dr. again Friday so we’ll see if she has any new ideas or if she’ll try any of the things people have suggested checking out. She’s pretty open minded, buy we’ll see.

Anyway, worked out last night, looking at my 1RM’s to see where I am at.

Deadlift 3x220, 3x270, 3x320, 1x370, 1x420, 1x470
might have been able to do more but really was afraid to try, and was running out of room on my cheap bar at home.


7 minutes on the treadmill at 3 mph. Heart rate got up to 191 and I figured I’d stop there.

Off to read how everyone else is doing. Haven’t been on the forums in a while…

Woot! Welcome back Corrmhona! That truck incident sounds exciting lol. Hope everything has been going well. I see the DL’s haven’t suffered. Nice work!

I was in a rental Exploder for the trip and I went up the hill after we were done with the station. It was muddy. They had the company truck with the gear box in the back, and it was pulling a trailer with the quads, which they normally drive, as I am mostly an office type they are the guys in the field. The wheels started spinning a bit so they floored it. Then they lost it sideways and slid sideways down a hill into a fence, and broke off two posts with the side of the truck. Then I got there. I was unhappy, and saw there was no way the truck was going back up. I was in that quiet unhappy place when I snapped off enough of the fence posts so we could pull the truck and trailer through forward and circle through the field back around to the road. They were skinny wooden ones, so it wasn’t that great a feat of strength, more of leverage and bodyweight. It did scare the hell out of the kids (21-23 is kids now, man I’m old) in the work crew though as they made a nice “crack” like a gun going off when they snapped. The trailer only had a scratch, but the one truck door was caved in pretty good. Safety stand down, incident reports, but no one was hurt and it was just some body work and a farmer’s fence.

Round 2:

Overhead Press:
3x70, 3x120, 1x140, 1x150, 1x160
…not scoring so well in the pressing department.

7 minutes on the treadmill at 3 mph. I only got to 187 bpm, getting better already.

What a lovely purple top you have!

It’s not purple, it’s blueberry! :smiley:

I have a love/hate relationship with OHP. Pushing up 160 is not any easy task by any means.

Good to see you’re back and doing well.

I go with purple. I think the whole ROY G BIV for the light spectrum is too many colours too…indigo and violet? Is there really a difference? It is all a plot by the paint companies. :slight_smile:

Wiex, on my 30th birthday I had been working out for 16 years fairly steady, and I went in to the gym with a buddy and hit my 1RM on a bunch of lifts. I’m generally hitting around 70%…but my OHP is just over 50. Remember I am a large mammal too, so as % BW I’m even more feeble.

Urbanman, thanks! I see you plugging away too, helps keep me motivated! Team Superhero! :wink:

Anyway, about last night:

Squat: 3x120, 3x170, 3x220, 1x270, 1x320
…the last one HURT. Like not in an injury way, but in the “my quads at the bottom protested loudly that they did not agree with this course of action and wanted to lodge a formal protest” sort of hurt. I didn’t get any glute drive in the hole, I just can’t that bottom inch or two.

Bench: 3x120, 3x170, 3x190, 1x210, 0.5x220
…you get half marks for lowering a weight, right? :wink:

7 minutes on the treadmill at 3 mph. 187 bpm, I’ve plateued already… :slight_smile:

Anyway, off to the doctor…I’ll see what new plans she has.

[quote]Wiex wrote:
It’s not purple, it’s blueberry! :smiley:
Mmm blueberries. Why does everything have to have a food name?

Good to see you back and doing big deads. Sounds like that incident was a whole bunch of fun.

GV: I try and make everything fun!

Minimal: I’ll go with blueberry only if they are in season. Otherwise they are all squishy and gross and nobody wants that on a shirt.

Friday was a long day.

Went to the doctor. The cardiologist had all sorts of recommendations to fix my lungs, but seeing as I had just done a long stint with a pulmonologist before I saw the cardiologist she thought we should put that on the back shelf and just line me up with a pulmonologist before we began treatment. She did put me on lipitor. Cholesterol is in normal range, triglycerides are high, and she admitted she probably wouldn’t have put me on it based off of the numbers, but figured I’m better off crashing my cholesterol at this juncture.

Then when I got home, my neighbour came by to tell me where our dog was. She was a sheep guard dog, and had turned 11 in the spring. I guess she had gotten a little too slow as they finally manged to take her down. He runs a tree farm and has had some thefts so he started feeding her as well so she would guard his place too. Anyway, she was at the back of his place, and even after a couple days in the sun and somewhat chewed on she felt like she weighed over 100 pounds. Hauled her home and buried her. I let the kids know, but didn’t let them see her.

Saturday worked out in the morning. I decided to use my decline bench for ab exercises, and doing a crunch plus sit up so I get abs and hip flexors. I trashed my right hip a few years ago so it appreciates the flexor work.

Bench Sit Ups: 30x0#, 30x10#, 50x10#

Good Mornings: 8x120#, 8x140#, 8x160#

Then we dumped the kids off at their granny’s and went out for our anniversary. The kids are getting all of he yard work caught up while we went out for supper. 19 years this year.

Anyway, off to the thriving metropolis of Medicine Hat today, I’ll post again when I get back.

Ahh man, sorry to hear about your dog. I think dogs tend to make the best people, so that’s always a bummer. On on a much happier note, happy anniversary! Hope you guys have a great one!

I’m in a jacuzzi in my hotel room. Good.
Alone as it is a work trip. Bad.

Overall OK… :slight_smile:

Condolences on the puppy. That always sucks. I had to put down my 4-year old pup this year because of cancer.
Anyhow, enjoy the jacuzzi. At 6’3 I rarely get the chance to soak in something long enough for my mass.

Oh no, I missed that in your post about your poor dog. Very sorry. But happy anniversary!

I’m late but congratulations and condolences.

Congratulations on you anniversary!

And condolences on your dog. Hope your kids handled it well.

Alberta to Texas?

I’m somewhere in the middle of that.

If you ever are going through Omaha, let me know.

Alberta = Texas x 2
Let the flame war begin :wink:

Thanks everyone. Kids are OK. My daughter took it hard, but the boys were pretty sanguine. She loves animals and is always trying to train barn kittens as pets. She has her budgie trained to fly back to his cage on command too. We got the dog when she was 1, so it was more her pet than anyone elses. She still has the donkey!

Crushed, I have the same problem with tubs. This one looked like it was designed for porn, so was fairly roomy, but having mirrors all around just reminded me how fat I’ve got since I haven’t been able to do cardio.

2busy, my pipelines go south from Alberta, through Montana and Wyoming, then across Nebraska (Ogallala, Moorelfield, Holdredge) into Missouri and end up in Illinois. I don’t spend much time in the field, and just did the run to Casper, Wyoming then drove down to Denver, ditched the rental and flew to Houston. If I do the second leg, Wyoming to Illinois I’ll be within spitting distance of Omaha.

Finally coming down with the kid’s flu. I’ll see if I can work out tonight…barely dragged my ass into my day job.