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Correspondence Masters in Kinesiology

I’m looking at starting a masters program. I’d prefer to do a masters in kinesiology, it is what i have my BS in. I’m in the military and deploy about twice a year for 2 months at a time as well as work at night a couple times a week so a course of study on campus wont really work. Does any one know of an accredited Masters in Kinesiology program by correspondence?


Has anyone heard of the United States Sports Academy in Daphne Alabama? They are accredited, seem to have a decent program. They are a little more expensive though, at $425 an hour. The program i’d like to do with them requires a mentor ship which i would not be able to complete, but they have an alternative that lets you choose most of the classes from a larger list.

Why correspondence when there are so many online Masters programs to choose from? I haven’t researched it but I’d be willing to wager there are some online schools that have something in that field. As far as online programs go I have seen some good and some bad. I tutored an acquaintance in Finance at the Masters level and wasn’t impressed with what they were teaching him and what they required of him. But I also helped out a friend in an undergraduate program in Econ and was very impressed by the level of involvement of the prof and the work that was required. So, do some research and find a reputable program that you wouldn’t be ashamed to be associated with

i kind of equated correspondence to online. i guess there are differences. like not running on a semester schedule.

For what its worth I looked into doing a masters program online and was leaning towards the university of texas telecampus. Here is the link:


for what its worth…


And I also vaguely remember looking at the university of wyoming, for what its worth…


Years ago, University of Maryland did a lot of classess with us in the military, before other colleges started offering online classes. I don’t know about your specific major though.