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Correlation with TRT (with or without HCG) and Conceiving Daughters?

I’ve been on trt + hcg for over a year now. Best decision of my life. However the more i look at men i suspect to be on trt or have used lots of gear in the past, the more i see that they only conceive daughters. Or at least the vast majority of their offspring is female. Whether it be in weight lifting, baseball or mma. Am i looking too deeply i to this or has anyone else noticed this correlation ?

Of course having a child of any sex is a blessing in itself. Life is precious.

My question to anyone who is reading that has conceived during TRT, did you have a boy or girl?

Also has anyone else noticed this

Hoping this thread catches on.

Here you go:

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So higher sperm counts are correlated to boys and lower sperm counts with girls. Can we make an inference therefore that TRT results in lower counts, and therefore a higher propensity to father girls? Its certainly backed up with what you are seeing, and something I have thought of deeply myself.

That’s pretty interesting if so. I’ll read the details later

Tfan866 thanks for that article. There does seem to be a correlation between high sperm count and having fathered a boy. I wonder if because “we” are on trt we are basically bound to only father daughters. Although I dont mind, i would love to have a 50/50 shot at fathering a boy. I could list the names of the bodybuilders, baseball players, fighters etc that I have googled searched, and time after time they seem to only father daughters. Some in their younger years did father a boy, but it seems to me that the time they fathered a boy was before the usage of steroids or trt. I hope that we are not doomed to only have a child of one sex.

Wondering if I should start a new thread asking the guys on here whether they fathered children on trt and have a poll with numbers showing whether the child was a boy or a girl.

I have several friends that were on TRT for a while and conceived on it. They have an equal number of boys and girls collectively. Two of them just had kids last year with one having a boy and the other a girl.

Thank you dextermorgan for the input

Before being on TRT we conceived a boy. When we try again I’ll let you know lol. On HCG and try and will be when we start trying again.