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Correlation of Squats to Bench?

Just a quick question I was wondering:

I haven’t done much arm training compared to what i’ve been doing for my legs over the last 6 weeks (the length of time i’ve been training).

However, my bench has increased and is more now than it has ever been before (no amount to be proud of, I can assure you, heh).

So I was wondering, by doing Squats, Deadlifts and or Power Cleans, am I improving thereby strengthening the muscles needed for my bench press?


Actually you are, your working shoulders and back, even arms, all this helps in the bench, but don’t neglect the bench for too long, you will eventually have to start doing them to bring it up if you choose to do powerlifting. If you are not going to be doing powerlifting you don’t really need the bench. You’ll get a great upper body workout doing olympic lifts.

None of the movements you metioned specifically works the pecs, which are the prime movers for the flat barbell bench press.

If you want to get better at benching, then ya gotta bench. But, as the poster above said, it all depends on your goals. If you have hypertrophy/physique related goals, as opposed to powerlifting, then there are better exercises for your chest than the flat barbell bench (incline bench, dips, benching with db’s s opposed to barbell).

Yes, i’ve started doing DB Presses (flat and incline) within the last few weeks because it’s hard for me to find a spotter for the barbell press. So I have started working them… I need to get rid of the “bitch tits”. :slight_smile:

In regards to the spotter remark, if you have a squat/power rack put bench in their and set pins at chest level so if something happens you can drop it on the pins, the pins might be slightly lower than where you touch but the bar won’t crush you, i do this with inclines also.

You were probably Over training the Push movements and now by limiting that, squatting, etc… working other areas. Building a strong base you are making gains.

Keep it up.