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Correlation Between Crashed E2 and High CRP?


I recently got bloods and it seems my E2 has been crashed for quite a few weeks now (around 5pg/ml), all my blood markers are in range and healthy apart from this and my CRP, It come back high at 15 with a range of 0-5.

I suffer with IBS at times and on the day of bloods being taken I did feel a bit run down so It is possible that this is the cause but every other CRP test in my past has been very low at 0.5

I read that estrogen’s can raise CRP but i’m not sure to what extent, Is it possible a crashed e2 can raise CRP?


Estrogen plays a role in the bodies ability to keep inflammation down. Part of the reason why people have achey joints when they lower their e2 is because they dry it out , e2 controls how you feel nerve pain, and also affects inflammation.

Im not surprised. When I lower my e2, all my joints flare up. feel inflamed.

Thank you, This would make a lot of sense then.

I have another CRP test ready to do so I may wait and do it next week once I know there has been enough time for my E2 to stabilise for an accurate result.

e2 can take a few weeks before stabilizing.

Ill give it 6 weeks then to be sure, My low E2 depression has started to lift and I generally feel healthier so Im guessing it is on its way :smiley: