Corrective Exercise

Hey folks, I was wondering if someone knew this:

Who is the reference for corrective exercise? and who is the reference for rehab? or in other word who is the Charles Poliquin of corrective exercise and rehab?


Paul Chek, Charles Staley, John Berardi, Eric Cressey?

Really all of them and others. I know there are guys (and girls) that don’t write for T-Nation as well but I cannot remember any names right now.

as mentioned above, Paul Chek, and also Gary Gray, PT

Tony Gentilcore, Jimmy Smith, Michael Boyle.

I know Paul Chek is a big name in the corrective exercise area but there are also lots of controversy with the guy…some say he is a phoney, some say he’s nuts. what do you think, is buying is material or going to is certification worth it, is there better certification for corrective exercise?


Boyle, Cressey, Roberston, Hartmann, McGill…

All good stuff…

Mike Boyle, Gray Cook. Do give their books a try, you won’t regret it.