Correcting Weaknesses While Doing a Program

Hi guys,
What are your recommendations for correcting a weakness ( in my case a weak lower back or rather a weaker posterior chain compared to my quads) while doing a program?

Currently I am in week 5 of " Best damn strength plan for natural lifters" and I have recognized that my lower back is holding me back especially in the deadlift ( back rounds).

Should I finish the program and then do some kind of a 4- week block to strengthen it or is it possible to switch an exercise to emphasize this area e.g good mornings for face pulls on thursday?

I would really appreciate your answer.

Look up Wenning warm ups.

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Honestly you could easily add a lower back exercise to one of the pulling days, a glute exercise on one of the pressing days and a hamstring movement on another pulling day. Keep these exercises low demands (isolation or machine). Don’t make it a habit of adding stuff to programs but in this case these three movements done with the same approach as the other exercises will be fine.

Would Good Mornings (Myo), Glute Ham Raise (myo) and Hip Thrusts ( myo) be ok?
Should I keep them forever in the program or only for a certain time?
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good info on youtube. cheers

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Literally these are three choices I would not make. These are all neurologically demanding exercises that might lead to too much systemic stress in the program. And the goodmorning is a bad exercise to do anywhere close to failure.

I was thinking more in term of isolation work like back extension and leg curls. The hip thrust, even though I’m not a huge fan of them, are okay

Okay, so I do Hip Thrusts & Back Extension myo and Leg Curls as Mtor?

Leg curls would be better done using rest/pause or myo reps… but yeah, the mTor can work too

Thank you👍🏼

Furthermore, I´m not quite sure how to perform RDL as Mtor. How far should I lower the bar?

I think you said once that the range of motion is not that important rather than fully stretching the hamstrings.
If I use a large ROM during a Mtor set I mostly feel it in my lower back, also my grip gives in at the end of the set (when trying to hold the bar in the stretched position for as long i can tolerate)

How should I perform them?

Focus on getting your hips back rather than the bar down. Don’t worry about how far the plates get from the floor; worry about how much you can get your hamstrings to stretch by pushing your hips back. I can really feel these with a slow eccentric and pause at the bottom.

For your grip, just wear straps


What would you do instead of hip thrusts? I noticed that I kinda feel them in my lower back, maybe from doing deadlifts and back extensions the day before. ( First time that I did hip thrusts)

When done right there’s no way You’ll feel them in lower back. Keep your pelvis in posterior tilt whole time and squiz glutes also whole time. Also don’t go to low on eccentric.

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Also I don’t think that training deaths and back extensions on the same session is good idea, but maybe I’m exaggerating

Try a wider stance on them. Toes flared out.

In the context of the program he is referring to, we are talking 1 work set of each. It’s not gonna be a problem.

And even then, tons of powerlifters include back extensions in their workouts, even after doing deadlifts, or squats or the olympic lifts.

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