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Correcting the Quad Dominant/Hip Dominant Ratio


Are the conventional and trap bar deadlifts the way to go to correct imbalances or does one need to dive into all this quad dominant/ hip dominant stuff. Running and walking are hip dominant movements so it seems that we should focus on more of the hip domiant movements to achieve the correct balance of strength between the hips and thighs. Sure, the ratio of quad to hip strength would shift more in favor of the hips, but it seems nature intended it to be this way. Also, cutting back on the number of exercises always promotes better recovery.




What are your goals?
What are you doing training wise right now?


So you're basically looking for a hip extension exercise?? Deadlifts, good mornings, GHRs are the way to go


I'm looking for the most efficently way to achieve balance, you know the 1 hitter quitter. Good morning and GHRs don't bring the quads into play.


I'm trying to become more hip dominant. Day 1-Front squats/hip thrust/GHR. Day 2-Low bar back squat/glute extension/RDL


squats ...


I have a question, how are running and walking hip dominant?


I think this is what happens when someone tries to sound smart and use jargon without knowing wtf he/she is talking about.


Balance is highly dependent on individual discrepancies, what are yours?


This would be jargon for someone who doesn't know jack about strength training.


Jargon is just group specific vocabulary, so yes, this is jargon.


Jargon or not, someone who knows some jack about strength training would know the squat is a great option for hip and quad involvement.


LOL did you really just say Storm doesnt know jack about strength training?



x2 lolzzz


Because hip extension is the predominant form of motion. Though it's more hamstring than glutes, as the glutes are more active when the femur is externally rotated...


Depends on the person. There is more work done by the knee and ankle than the hip for a large amount of people because they can't use their hip extensors properly.


Right. Also, although flat-out sprinting might be hip dominant, "jogging" as most people refer to when they say "running", remains quad dominant because of how people perform it. One might also argue it is largely quad dominant because a "jog" amounts to more or less a controlled "bounce" and less an extension and pull as in sprinting....but that's really neither here nor there.


Neither is this thread... haha