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Correcting My Weaknesses


Hey CT,
I’m going to implement your Strongman Arms Program for the next 4 weeks to bring up my weaknesses (Biceps/ Triceps).

Just have a couple questions to help me get started next week:

1 . Should I do the Strongman Arms on their own day or not. Which examples best:
Monday: Bench Press, Pectorals and Deltoids work
Tuesday: Deadlift, Strongman Arms, Farmer’s Walk
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Upper Back and Traps
Friday: Behind the Neck Press, Strongman Arms, Zercher Carries
Saturday: Squat, Quads, Hamstrings and Prowler Pushing
Sunday: Off

Monday: Strongman Arms
Tuesday: Squat, Quads, Hamstrings and Prowler Pushing
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Strongman Arms
Friday: Deadlift, Upper Back, Traps and Farmer’s Walk
Saturday: Bench Press, Pectorals and Deltoids work
Sunday: Off

2 . For the Partial Close Grip Overhead Press, I can’t do it standing in my powerack, what’s the next best alternative, on my knees, seated?

3 . Should I use Fat Gripz on the Partial Close Grip Overhead Press and Decline Triceps Extensions?

4 . For pairing B1 Decline triceps extensions and B2 Standing thick bar curls done for 3 x 6-8 reps, is this 3 sets across using the same weight, or the protocol of:
1st set- Warm up set 5/10 for 6-8 reps
2nd set- preparation set 7/10 for 6-8 reps
3rd set- 6-8 reps to failure

Appreciate the help with this and for the program, take care,



You can do farmer’s walk or other loaded carries with it, but I wouldn’t train a big lift or do a big boy part with it.


Seated. Strictly for size development seated is actually better than standing as you can use a bit more weight


You can, but it wont make a real difference. If you are more comfortable this way sure. Fat gripz do make a big different on pulling and curling but for pressing it wont improve your grip more. On extensions maybe, but if it makes you use less weight it might do more harm than good


Sets across


Hey CT,
Thanks for the response.

Ok Stongman Arms on their own day, done.

With the loaded carries how should I implement them?
How does this look:
Monday: Strongman Arms, Dead Squat Carries
Thursday: Stongman Arms, Zercher Carries
Done for 3 x 60 Sec with 60 rest between

Are these variations and set rep/time schemes applicable? What would you do?

Thanks again for the help,


The choices are fine. They actually will augment the gains from the program. 60 sec with 60 sec of rest is a fat loss approach. That’s not what I would be shooting for. You want to correct a weakness, which means building muscle, you can’t be on a fat loss diet/phase while you do it (ideally). 60 meters/yards per set is the longest I would use (30-60m) and I would use a good 90-120 seconds of rest


Ok that makes sense. From you article https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-do-farmers-walks-like-this-to-get-ripped you recommend ‘To build size/strength while keeping the excess fat off: Go very heavy for 20-30 seconds with up to 2 minutes of rest between sets’.

So ill go with 20 or 30 seconds?

Also is 3 sets good for the 4 weeks or should I increase throughout?

Thanks again,


20-30 seconds, it doesn’t matter. When doing it for strength and size I prefer to use a distance, 30-60m and use the most weight I can for that distance.

You can do 4 sets maybe even five, in which case you would gradually add weight from set to set (if its possible) so the first two are more conservative


Ok great, its only because I workout in a home gym, space is limit so time works better.

Also finally on the dead squat carries, should I use Fat Gripz or not?



No, the fat gripz will limit ho much weight you can use and defeat the purpose of the exercise. YES grip strength is important but you don’t want grip focus to lessen the stimulus for everything else.


Ok understood. Thanks again for the help and ill be sure to post my results…