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Correcting My Posture

I’ve been researching a lot of past articles here on posture and muscle balancing, and I’ve found that my posture kinda sucks, especially upper-body-wise. Specifically, My shoulders are too rounded, my upper arms rotate inward, and my torso tends to kinda sag forward overall at rest. Actually not all that uncommon, as most people I see have these postures.

So … in trying to correct that, I make a concerted effort to walk and sit with proper posture. Back straight, chin back, shoulders retracted slightly to compensate for their internal rotation. Ends up my abdomen gets tucked in in the process; nut sucked in like I’m trying too hard to impress chicks on the beach – just tucked in. Not a bad thing because I’ve always hated the saggy abdomen, but it does a number on my breathing. Specifically, it always seems like I’m short of breath if I’m not breathing through my mouth – something I don’t normally do.

Am I doing something wrong, or would this just be my lungs having to breathe differently due to the change in shape of the thoracic area. Also feel free to comment on whether or not my notions of proper posture are correct, as this is something that I’ve never really dealt with. And it shows, trust me.


I have done 6 of the 10 Rolfing sessions and the difference is amazing. No more knee pain.

I will tell you that rolfing is the most painful thing I have ever endured in my entire life. Punched in the face, hit by a speeding Volvo, NOTHING compares.

Just google “Rolfing”.

I think its probably because you are used to being that way for how many years? Your organs have learned to work as efficiently as they can at this posture.
Now you want to change that, and thats probably not a bad thing, but its going to take awhile for you bod to adjust.

try to pull your abs together. take two fingers to your sternum and close them together. visualize closing your rib cage in the same manner. When you walk, close your ribcage and then do it for 10 seconds whenver you can remember.

over time it will help.

I got this directly from the website of a Rolfing practitioner in my area:

Well maybe that explains the origin of so much pain in the process. Holy @&*$, that sounds painful!

Hawkson, I’m having trouble visualizing what you’re trying to say. Could you be a bit more descriptive?

Did you read and use the Neandrethal No More series of articles. If no take a look.


Those are my favorite articles on the site. I reccomend them as well!