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Correcting Lat Symmetry


So, my left lat is entirely shadowed by my right lat. I've been doing Left arm D-bell rows to try and correct this, but, it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Been doing tons of pull ups as well, and it seems to be increasing my right lats size and thickness without doing shit for my left. I'm right handed so maybe this plays a role. Any suggestions on how to correct this?


Thibs had written a while back about positioning an incline bench next to a high cable (head pointed towards the cable stack), and grabbing the handle with your overhead arm, and essentially doing one arm pulldowns at such an angle that it really targeted the lat as opposed to the midback musculature. I hope I described that adequately for you to understand.



Cobra Lat Pulldowns?

They're mentioned in this article and attributed to Thibs.



Thanks guys, I will for sure give these a try. Would you suggest heavy weight with around 6-8 reps, or lighter weight with 10-15 reps? I'm really just trying to bring my left lat up to speed. Also, would you not even be doing them for your right lat?


I think the usual protocol for asymmetry is to work on your weak side first and put more effort into it, note what you did with that side (8 reps with X weight explosively) and then NEVER surpass that amount with your stronger side regardless of how easy it was.

I would think completely forgoing working one side would just turn this problem right around.

Not sure what the most beneficial reps/weight would be.


Over at MD Cedric Mcmillan has a video where he talks about what he does to fix this same problem.

Prolly saw it like a month ago youd have to search for it.


Silver, it's not that my left lat is weaker, it's just half the size of my right. Did the Cobra pull downs today, still feel it in my lat. What an awesome exercise, thanks for that.


Tommy, just watched Cedric's video. He said he trained nothing but his smaller lat for 3 months to let it catch up. I'll for sure try that out by doing the cobra pulls maybe twice a week w/ the left lat only to let it catch up a bit.


I've tried those. Pretty awesome


Obviously they take a bit of getting used to, but once you get the movement down, it really nails the target muscle.



Yeah, most definitely. Thanks again Stu.