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Correcting "Knee in" When Squatting? Ok to Lean Forward?



1.- Which drills a trainee can do to correct the knee in when squating or deadlift,?

2,- Also for correct leaning to forward when squating? (I know this also depend of the anatomy of the trainee)




Just learn to create torque at the hips.

  1. Root your feet into the floor to create spiral tension at the hip. This means trying to externally rotate your hips in your set up and during the whole execution of the movement. A good coaching cue is to try to screw your feet into the floor. You should also try to grab the floor with your toes. That creates the strongest foundation to squat from and creates torque at the hip which will make you a lot stronger at the start of the squat.

  2. Brace your trunk. Do not hyperextend the lower back. Create a “big belly” then contract your abs hard. Basically, imagine that you are about to get punched in the stomach. Maintaining that tension is very important to maximizing performance and safety.

  3. Keep the upper back tight. Squeeze the bar as hard as you can, this will help create tension in the whole upper body. Pull the shoulder blades together hard, and try to compress your torso with your elbows to engage the lats.

Maintain that tension during your whole squat and your knees will not come in


Excessive leaning forward is not correct


Thank you Coach. appreciate very much your information…