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Correcting Gyno & Precautions for Next


Ok I have been taking a pre cycle test boost the past 5 weekes to get ready for my big cycle starting in late April. For the past 5wks I have been taking a blend of test 75mg prop and 150mg cyp for 3wks and then 150mg prop and 300cyp for the past 2. I also take propicia and have for the past 2yrs. While on this cycle I have taken liquid nolv at 20mg a day.

As of yesterday i started noticing sensitivity in my nipples and a little bumpness when i paplpate the area. I have gotten gyno before when I did a tren cycle and it took a month to get it to go away(along with vit B6, letr and Caber). What should I do to correct this issue and what precautions should I take to avoid this in my next cycle which is 225test cyp/prop blend, 225tren E for 10weeks with 50mg of wintrol ed the last 5 weeks.( may even bump the test to a 150mg prop and 300cyp.) I have caberline and letz on hand both in liquid form. I have heard to run both of them throughout the cycle but I thought letz lowered your immunity as well as increased your LDL. what are your thoughts, currently at 5.9", 28yoa, 175lbs, 10-11%BF... diet ok but could use some work...


There is all sorts of things wrong with this post.

I'd fix it before you get torn apart.





If you got gyno from a tren cycle, you weren't using tren. Sorry to inform you of that. Make sure your current source is actually going to get you tren if that's what you want to use.

Theoretically cabergoline isn't needed with tren.

What made you think that a 15 week cycle was a good idea?

Why are you using steroids when you have 155lbs of LBM at 5'9"?

Please stop injecting drugs until you do enough research to not need to ask a basic question such as "how do I prevent gyno while using aromatizeable steroids?"


tren will make you lactate lol
which could also make your nips all sensy


question because i've seen a lot of people on tren talk about it causing gyno, but due to the Progesterone connection. I guess Tren can raise prolactin levels.

""Trenbolone is a PgR ligand with mixed agonist/antagonist activity. Perhaps more importantly it also highly suppresses natural progesterone as well as alters its metabolism. Antagonist action at the PgR can be just as much an issue as agonist action. And of course agonist action does not mean that it has the same modulatory effects on ER as progesterone. Nor does it mean that it has the same transcriptional effects as progesterone.

Its not entirely clear whether trenbolone always raises prolactin, in some cases it certainly appears to. It's more consistent effects may be as an allosteric modulator of PRL-R activation and/or expression. However, what can be said with certainty is that prolactin suppression is effective in the treatment of issues that stem from trenbolone, including both libido and gynecomastia."

"Basically just because something is a PgR agonist or a PgR antagonist does not mean that its activity will be the same or opposite of progesterone. Also because these compounds are a bit "slutty", you can be sure that they will be binding to other sites, especially when other hormones are suppressed or when ratios are different. Progesterone is actually a very widely acting hormone and it has numerous active neurosteroid metabolites. Trenbolone metabolites likely have some similar actions (or at least metabolic pathways)."


Who are you quoting if you don't mind me asking?


from a thread here. I found a lot of other stuff on the subject but chose something local to the site.



Bill Roberts has discussed this in great detail recently, so you might be able to search out some useful threads. The crux of it though is that while tren has an affinity for PRs (ie. it binds the receptors) it does not activate them.