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Correcting Estrogen and Testosterone imbalance

Hi all. New to the forums, but it seemed like a good starting point to get some worthwhile information.

I just had bloods done by one of my docs, and it came back showing some pretty nasty stuff, hormonally.

SHBG: 60.2 nmol/L
E2: 60 pg/ml
Total T: 365 ng/dL
Free T: 4.6 ng/dL

Not awful, but certainly not great. FSH and LH were “normal”, but on the low side as well. E2 seems way high, and my T has never been this low. This caught me off guard, since I’ve never done real gear (just a couple PH cycles and a few sarms runs) and my HP axis should still be okay.

I’m already lifting, getting good fats, multivitamins and all that. Doc suggested DIM to level things out. I’ve been doing it, but I don’t know how big a difference it’s making. Still no morning wood, lagging sex drive, lethargic. The other day I came across some Arimistane in my medicine cabinet from a year or two ago, and was wondering if that might be a better option (I’d get some new stuff, since I don’t know what the shelf life on that is). I want to try to keep everything OTC, if I can. I’ve got heart disease, so messing with anything too real isn’t in the cards for me anymore.

Any thoughts? I don’t want to crash my E2, but would love not feeling like a weak moody bitch anymore.

is the heart disease in the form of atherosclerotic plaque build up or an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy), or defect related (congenital or drug toxicity/ medical conditions such as rheumatic fever) induced defects). If cardiomyopathy, do you mind extrapolating as to whether it was caused by previous PH/Sarm usage. Cardiomyopathy is the most concerning potential side effect of AAS abuse that people tend to completely undermine.

For you’re hormonal situation, what’s you’re BF percentage, diet and lifestyle like. When was you’re last cycle, do you eat a lot of soy? Recreational drug use? (thinking particularly about cannabis and alcohol that contains a ton of yeast)… like beer

You’re hormones are not… great… I wouldn’t be happy with these labs, esp if I had symptoms, the cause of hypogonadism may very well be AAS induced hypogonadism. If all else fails, time will typically end in recovery, in the unlikely scenario you don’t recover TRT is an option (and doesn’t appear to adversely affect cardiac function, however the jury is still out)

Thanks for the reply. I have a small amount of plaque build up in one of my coronary arteries, so it’s atherosclerotic in nature. Everything else with my heart looks good (size, function, etc).

No recreational drug use or alcohol, and I try to avoid soy. Last time I touched anything that would effect my HPA was 2015, and I did a proper PCT at that point. My BF is probably around 16%. I am not sleeping enough, as I have a newborn at home, which probably contributes to the issue.