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Correcting Bad Posture?

I have an S-shaped posture with my pelvis and shoulders forward from years of bad posture at school, I’m 19 now. I’ve also noticed my shoulder flexibility is terrible, (I can’t get my arms anywhere near straight above my head when lying down). I’ve been stretching my hip flexors, glutes, TFl, shoulders etc. But they just get tight again. The only pain I get is between my shoulder blades at the end og the day. My question is can my posture be corrected, or has my spine grown into the wrong shape permanently?
I suppose I could post a pic if that would help? Hopefully an expert can help me out. Thanks.

There was a terrific series of articles called Neanderthal No More on here. Take a peek through the archives.

If you are having major structural range of motion problems, it is probably best to
see an expert face to face, having said that:



I used to have similar problems, didn’t get them corrected and threw my back out when I was about your age. All the stretching you’re doing is good, but the muscles will just go back to square one if you don’t get to the source of the problem. If you look into some stuff by Greg Roskoph or Gray Cook, or even the Cressey/Robertson stuff on this site you’ll see that flexibility is only half the equation. Cook goes so far to say that stretching is useless if you don’t strengthen the opposing muscle.

Getting assessed by a movement professional could be the key. For myself with similar posture issues it was a matter of strengthening my rhomboids and glutes. If you get super-sore traps when rowing and can?t squat too low it might be about the same for you- but I’m not trying to assess here. If you can find a MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) specialist in your area it might be worth your while.

In any case I highly recommend picking up a foam roller and checking out the T-Nation articles on using one.