Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt w/out Equipment?

Hi guys,
After a lot of researching and reading through posts and articles (particularly Neanderthal no more), I have come to the conclusion that I am in an Anterior pelvic tilt position and am very willing to start a routine that will help correct this and bring my spine back to a more neutral position… The only problem is that I am currently backpacking through Europe and have limited equipment to work with (none really). The exercises in ‘Neanderthal no more’ look great but I simply do not have access to a gym or things necessary to complete them.

My question is if anyone here might be able to recommend a daily routine of stretching and exercises that could help with my anterior pelvic tilt while I’m away that doesn’t need any equipment (maybe even some that utilise everyday objects?)


I’m currently in the middle of correcting my APT and seem to be making some progress.
I have zero training on this but have done alot of casual research on the web and i’m finding that the following is maybe working for me.

Sled hip flexor stretch (i do this one on a bed or a sofa and just prop myself up on my straight arms on the flat sofa and not on the arm of the sofa as i feel it flexes my lower back too much);

Piriformis stretch (i believe this muscle aposes the glutes, so if its tight its working against the glutes which you need to strengthen. In fact my right hip sometimes feels weird and week when i’m doing glute strengthening exercises, but if i do this stretch it gos away)

Rectus Femoris stretch.

TFL / ITB stretch.

I believe after doing those stretches i’ve loosen up the hips and can now start on glute strengthening exercises and i do 5 sets each of these with one a day break;

Gluteus Maximus (sounds like the bloke out of the Gladiator movie, but this one can be used or do ‘‘hip thrusts’’ ;

I also do the following exercise to strengthen the gluteus medius and minimus which i believe should help move my hips back ;

I now repeat the above stretches, with some achilles and calf stretches thrown in aswell and the odd quad stretch.


For ABS i do Reverse crunches, like shown here, as i think this style wont engage the hip flexors too much;

I also like to lay on a hard floor and use my abs to suck my back into the floor. I held it for one hour the other day. I have no idea if that is ok to do for the body though, but thought the idea sounded ok.

If you have APT like me you may have rounded shoulders and a forward head posture aswell.

So i have tight chest muscles and weaker shoulder/back muscles ;

Pecs stretch (look on the web, you can do with a door frame)

For the rear delts i just use 2, 1.5 litre bottles of water for this exercise and do 6 sets;

And for external rotation i use one of the bottles for this ;

I’ve just started to do neck raises, which i do by hanging my head off the edge of a bed, face down, and lifting my head back.

I’m thinking about adding some pull ups but i’m not sure if they will help or not.

I think its best to warm up the muscles abit before stretching.

I should say i’m no physio or anything, but just keen to learn, so any mistakes i’m making, or further advice i hope to hear about.