Correcting a Lazy Lifting History

hi, my name is paul and im from the uk.

i weigh 13 stone (about 180lbs)

i wanna gain about another 40lbs over the course of time.

my “lifting” background and some pics are on this thread

my rough diet can be found on this thread

ive only just started lifting seriously so ill see what happens over the course of the next couple of months.

ive been somewhat lazy in the past, ill train for a few months then stop for about 6 months, and so on. i used to be toothpick thin so just to put any size on even with my relaxed training style was a good thing for me. but now im fully commited, 4 times a week using a program i found on here, training each body part twice a week, once heavy weight/low reps, the other lighter weight high reps as im hoping to get the best of both size and strength.

ill make this thread my progress log for inspiration, and post up pics at the end of each months so if i slack off you guys will all see and can flame me into getting my arse into gear.

Wish me luck!!

You’ll slack again so don’t post. Take up croquet.

[quote]big balls wrote:
You’ll slack again so don’t post. Take up croquet.[/quote]

thanks for the vote of confidence.

posts like that only make me more determined, so thanks again.

you got this…time to see some workouts now.