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Correct Syringe for Frequent T injections


Does anyone have advice on what gauge syringe to use when injecting small amounts of T. I know that someone recommended a 29 gauge 0.5m syringe to inject, but is this too small. What is the smallest syringe a person can use to inject T?


29 gauge 1/2" insulin pins are fine for deltoid and quad IM injections, as long as you are not fat as hell...I actually use a 30 gauge (they were out of 29) and it is just as good...actual injection only takes about 10-15 seconds because of the high pressures created in the narrow barrel.

I load it directly from the vial (do not need to backfill) and this process takes about a minute tops...I usually pull it back before getting it in the shower and let it hang upside down in my toothbrush holder, get out of the shower and inject.



They're not too small, you'd be surprised. Just like you don't have to use 18ga cannons to draw, you don't have to use 23ga or 25ga to inject. As VT said, the narrow plunger and barrel create high pressures. It is not significantly slower for me to draw with a 28ga, 1cc syringe than with a 25ga, 3cc syringe. It takes me perhaps a minute. It's actually easier and faster to inject with the insulin syringe than with the 25ga. I always had to use a lot of force to press the plunger with the IM needles, and that makes it harder to hold it steady. You end up lacerating your tissue with the needle moving around, and that causes more soreness and scarring. Sure you can use bigger needles, but they're painful and cause more tissue damage...

A lot of guys are doing T sub-Q anyway. A study was done that showed it actually made levels more stable between injections. I just switched and I can find no reason to do IM anymore. I inject it into my belly fat and it works great. It's slightly sore for a couple days afterward but no big deal, and I don't feel any lumps. Smaller needles cause less tissue damage, and you don't have to worry about scarring your muscles up.


Thanks for the advice guys......I am planning on injecting Mondays, thurdays and Sundays with 50mg of T. Ow is that meeasured on a 29 gauge?


might be better to schedule your doses more evenly apart if you can. Something like Sunday-Wednesday-Friday maybe... I don't know but if I was injecting I would probably try and avoid injections with no days apart.


Agreed--your injection protocol doesn't make a whole lot of sense...I do MWF (30-30-40 mg)

For 50 mg, it depends on your T concentration. If it is 200 mg/mL, then you would need to draw up to the 25 mark (0.25 cc). If it is only 100 mg/mL, then you would draw up to 50 (0.5 cc). It's math.


might be a dumb question, but what about using a 31gauge 5/16" syringe? My doc has me using 26 1 1/2" if I remeber right. I have about 50 of the 31's I'm thinking of giving a shot, but not sure if I can use them for IM injects.


why not just try it and see if it works...ive never seen them...you would probably need to be pretty lean in the area you are injecting to get it into the muscle...


You can also deliberately use them to inject sub-Q, it works just as well as IM. Injecting thrice-weekly means very small volumes so it may work very well for you. I can inject .5cc of oil into my belly fat with no problem. Very little soreness and no discernible lump for me--but some guys are different.


What would be a couple of good sites for that type of pin? Delts? Tris? Sorry for the ?'s, I'm new to this, and only been using the quad for shots for the last 6 Months.


^^Probably wherever you are the leanest...I could get them into my quads for sure, but I have very little fat on my legs...could probably get them into delts...not sure if triceps are a good site (they could be, i just dont know of anyone that uses theM)...

As reidnez pointed out they would probably be an excellent choice for Sub Q injections.