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Correct Supplamentation

I am 6’5 202lb, I have been working out seriously for a year now. I have been only been doing supplementation for 6 months of it. I have done a lot of research and am just looking to see if it was successful. Here is my list. Can someone also let me know if it looks okay? I just received a rotator cuff tear so I am not on the creatine currently. I want to make sure I can do some good workouts while I’m on that. Also I was approached numerous times by this guy who said I should get on a anavar wynodrol cycle or some sh••. What should I do? I’ve been against steroids forever but im a pretty tall guy, and it takes forever to look muscular. I’ve worked out for a good 2-3 years but have only been hitting it hard the past year.

Doesn’t look stupid but without knowing your diet it’s hard to make an accurate call (e.g. if you are eating 6 serves of steak a day, you probably don’t need so much protein (assuming 1 scoop)).

Also, did you type this up, print it, then take a photo?

Also, A-Train :+1:

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This guy’s a shithead.

Adding BCAAs to the protein is a waste, take them midworkout instead.
zinc/ZMA and vit d3 something to consider also.

Read up some articles on the Tnation part of the site and get on something like a Thibadeau or Wendler program and can make rapid progress. No gear or even supps needed

best damn workout for natural lifter !! perfect for him

My diet isn’t great, just don’t have the money for it as a college freshman. The reason I typed i typed up and printed it out was to keep it by where I throw together my sups everyday. The reason I took a picture was because I came home for spring break haha. But no I didn’t type it up and print it out just to take a photo of it for this post. What do u think about 1 anadrol, winadrol cycle? I personally don’t really want to do it if there’s any dangers at all.

don’t touch this shit period

Don’t do it. I’m 6’4, 220, and not anywhere close to my potential. 5 years ago, I was 240, and still not at my potential. You’re an inch taller than me, and 18 pounds lighter. You don’t ever need gear, but ESPECIALLY not now. Let the guy know you’re not interested, or if this is at the gym you frequent, let management know there. I’m not morally against steroids, and there are safe ways to do cycles, but this guy is acting like a drug dealer, and that’s the reason people are being locked up for using drugs that affect nobody but the users. Pick a program, make a training log, list your routine and your full diet, and keep us updated on the strength and weight that you’ll undoubtedly gain.

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and getting ‘‘in shape’’ and ‘‘huge’’ take years and years…

x2: at 6 5 you prob need to get to 220+ to be intermediate/just to look like even lift. Read the articles. Quality training, tons of good whole food and sleep is the name of the game.

If want to take it up a notch look into Biotest supps like Spike, Workout Fuel or Plazma

Except for rare instances BCAAS are a waste in general.