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Correct Push-Press Technique


In the Push-Press do you return the barbell to the floor between reps?




Why would the bar be on the floor in the first place? If all you are doing is push presses, you could set the bar up on squat stands or a squat rack. Unless you are deliberately doing singles, you don't need to rerack the bar between reps.

Having said this, why not combine the push presses with hang power cleans and get a real workout.


No, that would be a full Clean and Press.


I didn't until last November. Then I lost all body mass below the nipple line in a vicious shark attack. Now, I every time I return the barbell to rack, it rests on the floor.

You can try my push-press style if you like. But a warning to those of you still posess legs and/or more than half of your torso: YMMV!


A push press is really just a "cheated" military press, and last time I looked I don't believe you return the bar to the floor in military presses....


push press is a million times more beneficial than military press, in my opinion.

but then again i would also argue that the clean is a million times more beneficial than the deadlift.

im sure this will spark some conversation


"a million..."?


A little hijacking by a much less knowledgable individual.

If i incorporated the push press in an Oly lift routine, could it be considered for working the chest? Although theres definate recruitment in the lower body as well, but when i bump the weight up, i can feel it semi-working my chest as well?


Steady on there! Before this gets out of control like you said, I should clarify that I wasn't comparing the value of push press vs military. The guy's question was about returning the bar to the ground, and as the two exercises are "similar" in styles I used the military press example as an answer to his question.

I agree that the push press is better as a mass builder.




The reason is that because you are using some leg drive to help the press the weight up you can use a higher load which will stimulate more hypertrophy through the greater stress experienced by the muscle fibres.


i'm just wonderin could anyone explain how to do a correct push-press or provide a link to a video of a guy doin a push-press.


sorry, nevermind. Found a link


Eleventy billion!



Deez weez push press, priceless.


I have to admit this is my favorite exercise. Since incorporating this into my workout: my strength has gone up on other lifts such as bench, I feel an all over body pump afterwards, & I have received several compliments on how much thicker and wider my upper back has become.