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Correct Posture?


Hello :slightly_smiling:
I have a problem with my posture look image:
what a muscle i must strength and strech? :slightly_smiling:
I too have low back pain.
Thanks for help :slightly_smiling:


I can tell that your shoulders are slouching from your arm position. Which also means your chin is tilted upwards and your neck is bent. The hunch you have developed comes from a lack of proper conditioning. What kind of training are you doing right now?


[quote]RubberToe wrote:
What kind of training are you doing right now?[/quote]

Thank you for answer.
Now nothing.
3 years ago i finish train on the gym.



Abdominal work, gluteal exercises, and scapular stabilization exercises would be a great start for you. You have a prototypical swayback posture. Good luck.