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Correct My Deadlifting Form

Hey all,

I can tell that my form is off, and I would guess that I need to start with my butt lower/back flatter/chest more out, but I am having trouble doing so.

Any corrections or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Add: Sorry the video is rotated!

Your starting position isn’t too bad, but you appear to be losing your tightness on the initial pull. Your butt comes up and your back rounds slightly. More lower back and glute training could potentially fix this. Also focus on leaning back and pulling through your heels. Initiating the pull more slowly, at least until technique is corrected, may help.

That said, looking at the video sideways isn’t making this easy.

Are you doing any assistance work for the deadlift at the moment?

Nothing that would particularly qualify as (or is specifically targeted to be). What would you recommend?

And sorry about the sideways-ness. I have no idea how to rotate it.

The valsava maneuver’ll help you with staying tight. Here’s a good thread I found right off the bat.

If you need more info, the articles here and at elitefts probably have some good stuff on it too.

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How do you suggest bracing? I’d like to hear more on this if you have time. Thanks.

It seems that you pull with the arms, you’d rather push with your heels in the ground, your arms are just hooks on the barbell. Use your body weight and try to push with all your weight on your heel as if you were falling backward.


-weight on heels, push with your LEGS hard not with your hands (yeap push, not pull) , also pull the slack oout of the bar

  • wtf straps?
  • push the bar with your hands CLOSER to your body on the way up/down, yours drifts away from the body, not good.
  • watch mark rippetoe deadlift setup on youtube
    -deadlift is not up down movement, its up BACK think of humping the bar with your hips, also pinch your butt at the end of the movement to finish it, please film better angle

more deadlifts with less weight, consider taking smaller jumps in your warm up to work on your technique, think “smooth” , and think

  1. push until bar gets to your knees
  2. pull back until lock out

yea the “straps wtf?” fad again…

this is bodybuilding, OP didnt say he’s a competitive powerlifter, and i dont think he deadlifts as a part of a grip day on his split. im all for hardcore shit, but if increasing deadlift and locking heavy loads is the deal here and your grip gives up, use freakin’ straps. besides, its far less taxing on your CNS and recovery is faster.

OP, your shoulders are infront of the bartry keeping them in line with the bar (even behind it if you have the mobility), , it will help you pull “backwards” instead of streight up.

well still, ged rid of that straps just to try, use them after you relearn your form, ive got nothing against straps, but he kinda setups to long cos of them, and that may or may not be a reason for the form. easy on cns? the fuck:P? :wink: he is not doing max effort work. still OP if ya want use them :slight_smile: that was JUST my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

im not talking about deadlifting 135. gripping heavy singles at or close to 1RM induce a great deal of neural fatigue.

Thanks so much for all of the advice!

I will work with lighter weight to correct my form, and ultimately re-video (from a better angle) when I feel that I have made an improvement.