correct dosage?

I am in the process of getting everything together for my upcoming cycle and I have a question about nova. I have personally never taken it as my anti e during a cycle, but I have been hearing that it is better to run during as opposed to clomid. I will be using clomid post cycle but I am not sure of the dosage when it comes to nova. I will be running a gram of test a week and just am not sure as to how much nova to run during the week? Please let me know what has worked for you guys in the past or point me to an article or previous post on this subject. Thanks again

Depending on how sensitive your body is to aromatizing androgens, I would start with 10mg of Nolvadex PER DAY. Start off with that dose. If you need to, then bump it up to 20mg later on. Never start high. Don’t use more that what your body might really need.

Also, using Clomid over Nolvadex or vice versa is not a choice that should be made. BOTH should be used POST cycle. Since you are using 1000mg of test a week, you will certainly shut down natural production. Once your cycle ends, the abundant hormone in your body will now be ESTROGEN. So take your Clomid AND Nolvadex TOGETHER at the end of your cycle. The Nolvadex will also assist the Clomid in restoring natural test production. Good luck.