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Correct Dosage


[stole this from VTballa]

Basic Stats:
Age: 31
Height and how tall are brothers and father: 5'11, Brother: 5'11, Dad: 5'10
Weight: 233
Waist size: 37"
any loss of peripheral vision: no
feeling cold often: never
gaining fat: yes
where are you gaining fat: stomach
gyno: no
how long ago did these changes start: perhaps 6-8 years ago
changes in how you react to stress: I'm pretty even keeled but can be quick to anger with the kids are repeating myself
any history of stimulant use: caffeine
any history of steroid use: no
male pattern hair loss: no

I went to my family doctor around the beginning of May. Wasn't feeling 'right'. Low libido, low energy, mood swings, exercise and eating relatively healthy but no bf loss, highish blood pressure [on meds for that].

I had blood work done over a year ago and T was on the low side of normal, but still within range. Dr thought it might be depression [I disagreed]. Ran the blood gamut again with these results:

  • free T4 - 1.24 ng/dL
  • TSH - 3.60 mIU/mL
  • T - 244 ng/dL

Tests were done at Premiere Diagnostics Laboratory, Sterling Heights, MI

Follow up visit, the doctor prescribed testosterone cypionate injections once every two weeks. His plan is to do this for two months, then one shot per month thereafter. The dosage on the vile is 200 mg/mL.

Does the dosage seem too infrequent?

At this point I am just happy the Dr prescribed something that actually makes me feel completely better. The first week after the shot I feel great ... like I can move mountains. The 'feeling' declines thereafter.


Hi, welcome to my world precisely :slight_smile:


lol thanks

Are you on TRT and how do you feel?


Look up dr crisler hes right at your back door one of the best in the business. TEll him I sent you :slight_smile:


Listen to HardasNails and take a trip to the Man Cave.

I know from experience that your numbers are useless without reference ranges, but you also didn't get all the tests you need.

Also, you will feel like crap on monthly injections. Read the Protocol for Injections sticky at the top of this forum.

Good luck man. Long road ahead but hopefully worth it in the end.


Wow, thanks guys! Didn't know a guru was in my relatively backyard.

I'm definitely going to send this http://www.allthingsmale.com/word_docs/TRT.doc to my doc.


I am on the beginning path, much like you. I have seen benefits thus far, but have much improvement to make yet.