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Correct Bend-Over BB Row Form


Hello beginners forum, I decided I needed to get in shape so I signed up to the forums and started a log. I look forward to meeting my goals alongside the rest of you. In six months I am hoping to have gained 30+ pounds and double my current weak lifts. If you guys could check out my log as it goes on I would appreciate it, good motivation!

Also sidenote, anyone have any tips on doing a correct bent over barbell row? It didn't feel right when i was doing it, couldn't really involve my back. Thanks!


Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyC6Doaajxc


Tight pants and hockey jersies don't go well together...


i personally dont like to row like that. i prefer a higher body angle ala yates

go to: 2:28



I asked about bb rows in that thread and got help from StompingHorse, DoveofWar and H4M, some very strong rowers. Read what they told me. (Looking at my vid won't help much though)


That would be considered a variation of the traditional BB row.


in the first video, isnt the guys back rounded? shouldnt it be arched?