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Corporations and Food, Money, Finances


Like sheep to the slaughter

Corporations have taken control of a major portion of our food production. They're trying to take total control of our financial market. The worst is their control of the information we recieve throught the media.

Can we prevent the corporate take over of our lifes. For the moment one can still with stand their control. It has a price however. Finding foods that are not tainted with corporate greed is costly. The only really sound investment outside of the corporate controled financial market is land. Which is a expensive to purchase. We do however, have the internet to aid us in bypassing the media controled propaganda machine.

Will the future still provide us with any self control of our lifes. Will the corporations with their quicker, cheaper we don't care policy finally get the control they seek. We are about to get choked out if we don't break the grip corporations have on our lifes.

At times it is difficult to see freedom, until it is lost!

If the corporations get control of our lifes, it will take blood to get them back!


Yeah! Burn it to the ground!!!


What makes you think that the www isn't being controlled by large business interests like the telecom industry?

Even Googlee will de-list or pull a site from its browsing capabilities, and other search engines are also edited to prevent access to sites or services that they deem inappropriate or feel you should not have access to.

You see what they want you to, and only have the options that they deem you should have.

Nothing is safe from capitalism. Nothing. Even the politicians that are supposed to represent your best interests are bought and sold on an open market if you have the money. (see Blagojevich, et al)


I couldn't agree more. The internet however, is our last foot hold. As with everything else in life, it's better to be the wolf. Alway careful, never trusting and always ready to fight!


Go live on a farm /thread


... or at least grow/raise your own food.


Over here i would say 'buy local' and avoid the big supermarkets.


OP should go back to hunting/gathering..


Corporations create and bring to market things that people are willing to work and pay for. They are not "taking control."

You can try to create your own cell phone and cell phone network, or you can buy an iphone, droid phone or what have you.

You can plant your own garden, build a chicken coup and raise some cows, or you can go to the super market and buy everything you need for a week in an hour.

I guess you could pump your own oil or ride a home made bicycle everywhere, or you could buy a car and some gas...

Nobody makes you buy shit or even work for that matter. You choose to because it is smart to spend 40 hrs per week working to buy all the things you need and want instead of working a farm for like 80 hours a week just to survive a meager existence.

When corporations start forcing you to buy things against your will you can have an argument. Until then, put down the RATM cd's and be happy you live in a time where 40 hours of soft work gives you the most comfortable life a human has ever had in all of history.


Do you really believe that. We did great before they arrived.

When the fast food corporations make their food suppliers produce foods in an unhealthy manner. Such as feeding cows corn. Then pumping them full of antibiotics. Using radioactive ferilizer for better crop yeilds. I mean really?

Let's not forget the financial corporations and their greed. You are aware they are the ones responsible for the last global market crash.

I also don't have a problem with large companies. I have a problem with corporations that are fucking us so they can buy another estate somewhere or a couple more jets.

You have the nerve to memtion cars. After that fucking bail out. They pocket all the money and then make you suckers bail them out. That's stellar! Same as the fucking banks, so wake up and smell the shit.


So don't buy fast food, financial investments or cars... they don't make you... and Ford never took money so if you feel like maybe a car would be a good idea, get a Ford.

And have you taken a history class? Life sucked for the vast majority of people before modern corporations existed. Be a surf or indentured servant and tell me you hate hamburgers.



Honestly OP, you sound like an idiot. When I read your post it's hard not to hear it as satire in my head, that's how bad it is.


You are so wildly fucking ignorant of what happened that you can not be saved if you think "financial corporations" where the "ones responsible for the last global market crash."

Key word here being "ones". If you think one hand stirred that shit pot, you haven't a fucking clue as to what happened.


Yeah, gotta agree with beans on this one. The "financial corporations" didn't FORCE idiots working at Wendy's or Walmart to lie on their loan applications and STATE that they made 80K a year to qualify for a 350K house, sign that shit, and then walk away from the house because they couldn't afford it in the first place...

The other half these idiots aren't walking away because they cant afford it, they're walking away because the house depreciated and they know that if they just short sell or foreclose, they can buy the SAME exact house in three years for 150K cheaper than what they currently have, and have a lower interest rate...

But you will argue they were deceived, right? If you are stupid enough to sign a bunch of paper that you don't understand, or agreed to an ARM, then who do you have to blame but YOURSELF? But people are "victims" here, right? It's ALL the "evil corporations" fault, right? Give me a break, dude. People are stupid.

I WILL however, agree that the food industry is SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP. There are more chemicals and preservatives and dyes pumped into our food and beverages than I am comfortable with. But again, while it definitely IS more of a pain in the ass, people can CHOOSE to buy locally produced food. There are farmers markets all over the place on certain days, so you don't even have to travel outside of the city. There are options. But, do you know the main reason why corporations exist and our food supply is tainted? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STUPID. They are irresponsible and have no accountability for their actions (or lack of action) and are indifferent to any issue that isn't simultaneously directly affecting them and right in their face. They are too distracted my Media and the general pursuit of entertainment to care about anything you are saying.

So fuck 'em. Let them die of cancer and be entertained. Anyone with a brain will have figured out what to eat and what not to eat. Survival of the fittest - it isn't YOUR job to protect society from themselves...


I agree with most of this, no doubt that modern life is indeed cushy compaired to most of human history. . . however hunter/gatherers worked/work an average of about 15 hours a week to provide sustenance for the entire familly.

Whatever though, I'm not giving up movies, & my playstation, & thai food, &. . . .


Even at $10/hour, assuming a budget of $300/month ($75/week) on food, that's 7.5 hours/week for sustenance.


How many people do you know that work at Wendy's or Walmart that got approved for a mortgage loan, slick?


^it's way better to hunt and pick berries (sporadicly and not 12hr per day like some unlucky people) than to have a shitty modern factory job. And what you wrote is calculated for someone is North America and doesnt account for everything you have to pay to live in this society that you wouldnt have to in the stone age.

A big part of humanity that no one thinks about stuck in bidonvilles and in overpopulated messy megalopolis would be better in the stone age. Right now there is a famine in Somalia. Too much people, too little land and ressource. (Just waiting for some christian asshat to tell me that they need to get more crowded). I am sure that they would be like to be teleported to the stone age.

Furthermore no one knows if the lives of an individuals in the past was better or worse than our individual life. It is a pretty big generalisation to say that life sucked for everyone before the fifties (when big corp. started to take over).

Our food production and distrobution system could be A LOT better. Dont forget that on top of everything more than 50% of the food is wasted.


I hate some corporations, I do this thing that makes me feel better..... I don't buy their shit.


LOL...how do you manage that impossible task?