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Corosolic Acid As Glucose Transporter

Corosolic acid is a substance found in the Lagestroemia
Speciosa L tree. Corosolic acid has been studied for its
glucose lowering properties. Studies in rabbits and mice
indicate that corosolic acid can be as potent at lowering
blood glucose as 2IUs of insulin. Urine samples of the
animals were taken and glucose levels were not elevated
in the animals given corosolic acid; meaning that the herb
didn’t just cause them to dispose of glucose. That aspect
of the study makes it look like corosolic acid increased
uptake of glucose. Other studies have demonstrated similar
blood glucose lowering abilities in humans. No adverse side
effects were noted with its use, other than lowered blood
sugar. I haven’t researched this substance extensively,
but it looks like this might be a safe and effective
legal alternative for those who are inclined to use drugs
(eg insulin, glucophage/metformin etc) to increase cellular
glucose uptake.

I looked at this as a potentially cool new supp (especially
cool for those who are trying to stay in ketosis either
on a FAT FAST or other CKD). The issue is that Corosolic
Acid (and the associate ester) as well as Urosolic Acid are
both quite cytotoxic and are being examined a potentially
new therapeutics for treating a variety of new oncological
problems by more than one drug company.

Plus, there really isn’t a lot of good published data
out yet.


Brock, I agree that there isn’t a lot of published data
available yet. But the studies I have don’t mention
anything about cytoxicity. Could you please provide
the refs that demonstrate cytoxicity. Or if not, could
you at least give me a quick summary of how it is
cytoxic? Thanks.