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Coronavirus - What Happened?

Yes, they are different. Truth, from a medical professor (me.)

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Your truth is different then.

Yeah, it’s correct.

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According to you.

And the FDA.

Ok, God is always correct. You win.

In Louisiana, correct?

Yeah, so?

Just checking.

Just use the original thing. If over 100 congressmen have been threated with ivermektin, you can be cheap and get the non botique one.

I’ll use my stash of selamectin. It’s even cheaper and it’s half life will give me more than a month of full protection since my metabolism is much lower than that of animals. I think the ivermectin industry is trying to bury any research on it for human use even though they are from the same class of drugs.

Disclaimer: I’m a random idiot posting on a bodybuilding forum who thinks it’s ok to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.

Weird. I’ve seen plenty of living people wearing masks, but I’ve never seen a dead body wearing a mask. I think that proves masks are effective and safe. (/s)

Are we referring to quality controls, sterility etc?

Animal grade nandrolone laureate CAN theoretically be used by humans, but I assume the product isn’t manufactured in a manner that is subject the same rigorous standards human grade nandrolone decanoate (different ester too) might be.

So you can take either, but the one has a far higher likelihood of giving you an abscess. The one product is meant for animals and thus quality controls aren’t as stringent, but putting aside the ester they’re the same drugs.

I used to work next to a vetinary clinic that managed pets who had been hurt. Sometimes I’d walk out and I’d hear people talking about the meds their pets were given like codeine or tramadol.

I’m fairly sure a human could take one of those tablets and it’d elicit a similar degree of pain relief relative to the human grade formulations. Not meant for humans, probably not subject to the same standard of quality controls… But it’s the same drug is it not?

Ivermectin for horses is sold as a paste that is only 1.87% ivermectin, I believe in humans it’s a tablet…

You’d have to be an absolute moron to dose that paste… Ivermectin is relatively safe, rare side effects like conjunctivitis, Steven Johnson’s syndrome or encephalopathy can occur… But ehhhhh, what are the chances? Overdose mediated by some moron slamming a bunch of tablets or squeezing in the paste can cause hallucinations, seizures and even death.

Hydroxychloroquine in high dosages isn’t safe either… But you’ll find some think they know it all. Dunning kruger effect to the max… Hydroxychloroquine can also cause side effects at prescribed dosages, as a matter of fact compiled data seems to indicate administration to severely ill patients actually increases the risk of death.

Yes, along with the inert ingredients (binders, etc) used in the formulation.

The ivermectin molecule may be the same in human and animal versions, but the same most emphatically cannot be said about the stuff one puts in their mouth (or glute, in the case of the nandrolone).

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So all the cases with the new variant in Europe are from vaccinated people. I guess vaccines and green pass ideas work. Thank you very much EU for the retardness.

The WHO head in Africa meanwhile asks for countries to stop banning flights and travel. When do we decide on disbanding this organization, named World Politics Organization.

In US Fauchi again says that attack on him is an attack on science. When is this guy going to prison for crimes against humanity?

But what’s cheaper? My TRT script or some very thick, viscous, plausibly unsterile vetinary grade formulation of testosterone?

I bet it’s the latter #savingmoney

Kidding, script is perfectly affordable in Aus and I would never take testosterone designed to be given to horses, dogs or cats; albeit I believe generic testosterone is cheaper in America than it is in Aus.

Costs around 30$ for 3ml (generic 250mg/ml testosterone enanthate) in Australia. And generic testosterone (injectable formulation) cannot be subsidised, needs to be a private script unless it’s testosterone undecanoate which according to my doc + the literature I’ve read takes around 6-9 months to get “dialled in” on. After which it’s also still more expensive than test E.

Beats androgel on a subsidised script. 3ml lasts me 7.5 weeks, that’s 30$ for 7.5 weeks

Androgel if subsidised costs like 150$ for 7.5 weeks

Vaccines do not work:

Are we noticing declining immunity after vaccination (a)? Or it is just that delta is more contagious (b). Or vaccines just dont work? (c)

I can tell your political agenda on your answer:
a) conspiracy theorist according to our medical expert @dt79
b) woke democrat
c) normi ? :slight_smile:


ONS show they work really well. Until the omnicron announcement we had far looser restrictions, same number of infections and far fewer deaths than a year ago.

I don’t see where I wrote about anything medical other than point out that ivermectin is from a certain class of drugs:

Are you referring to the question I asked @EyeDentist about “immune escape” and the far lower potential for viral mutation when an infected person’s immune system puts up a robust immune response after vaccination even though initial viral fragments are found to be high?

That was a QUESTION.