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Coronavirus - What Happened?

The tradies one? I didn’t even think it was organised by the same group that encouraged the rioting.

Please do tell me more, my interest is peaked

At the one Melbourne riot there were QR codes posted up. Accessing them took you to a website consisting of some dumbass conspiracy theory with the punchline of “9/11 wasn’t Osama bin Laden, it was the Jews!”

Could you imagine some lubavitcher or Haredi Jews taking control of those places and crashing them into the twin towers? Absolutely fucking absurd… And what would the JEWS want with taking down America, one of Israel’s biggest allies…

Neo Nazis only made up a tiny minority of those who attended in the end. Support grew towards the end and some of these protests had huge turnouts of 10-100K people.

Keep in mind if 50k people turn up in Melbourne to a protest that’s around 1/100 people. It was bad over here, we had police body slamming elderly women (not joking). It’s still pretty bad… Many people misconstrue vaccine mandates to equate to ultimate, totalitarian rule in Europe… Australia actually has veered down this path. We’ve gone from liberal democracy to borderline authoritarian regime very quickly.

I don’t like the idea of mandates, but vaccine mandates for a viral illness that is effectively shutting down hospitals isn’t necessarily indicative of your society turning into a police state. Drone surveillance, facial recognition technology, millitary patrolling the streets, curfews, 5km radiuses, arresting people over Facebook posts, using violence against peaceful protestors and more is indicative of a police state… These are all things Aus has done, and much of it appears to be here to stay.

Look up the identify and disrupt bill, the Victorian omnibus bill and the new tabled permenant pandemic legislature (Victoria)

Multiple states were also shutting down parliament and footing through bills under the guise of a state of disaster over at the time around 20-30 cases/day

For the life of me I can’t quite grasp how this has slipped under the radar. When I tell people of how Aus stranded its own citizens overseas for two years, how you’d face prison if you found a means to leave the country (even if you quarantined in another country before coming back) without government approval that was extremely difficult to get… They are absolutely flabbergasted “surely it couldn’t have been that bad”… It was, and people were borderline indoctrinated to believe covid = the bubonic plague. We had slogans like “stay home or die”,.“if you catch it you’re either in hospital or dead, covid doesn’t discriminate”… This was and to a degree still is the norm here, and people hardly questioned it

Now that borders are open, the Aussie international vaccine certificate isn’t even valid in the EU (NZ is though, appears AUS really doesn’t want people leaving) and most aren’t leaving because the population here is terrified of covid. It should be noted I believe only those from NSW and VIC at the moment can legally leave the country. Elsewhere the hard border is still up, and interstate travel is still off for most… Paris before Perth has become a reality. And it doesn’t look like WA will open the border until mid/late 2022 at the earliest.

Nazi!!! Guilty by association!!!

It is strange that Australia has become so cowed down by authoritarians, given your ancestry of rebellious convicts. I guess we got more of the Irish and Scottish over here… hehe😁

  • full disclosure - maternal surname is Macoy
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Don’t think that’s it. Look at Ireland and Scotland.

Oh look at that anecdotal evidence

You’ve got neo-Nazi sympathizers among CFMEU leadership, some of them playacting as Soprano family wannabes. And some of the rank-and-file sympathizers (again, pro-Nazi), who aren’t part of the union scheme with cushy make-believe jobs, frustrated for having been left out struck against the union in September protests (the infamous dog kicking guy for example).

So in public they claim to be your regular blue collar workers that are frustrated over not being able to work during the lockdown and then on private Telegram channels they’re foaming at the mouth that Setka “sold us out to the Talmudists with mandatory vaxx”

My family members that perished in Dachau would probably have disagreed.

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Good news. There is a new variant that is very contageus and has a lot of mutations, that will evade vaccines. Hopefully finally this vaccination madness will end. I am rooting for the new variant. Finally my taxpayer money wont go to pay for snake oil.

The good news is Mercks new ivermektin with a patent called molnupillavir also received an approval in UK.

Pfizers slightly different ivermektin is also promising, but knowing their history of faking research… I wont put my money on it.


WHAT?!?!? Never! You better get in line for Booster 6! Or 8. Or whatever number we’re on.

Well, if your parents weren’t idiots you personally have received somewhere between 8 and 12 boosters.



Various viruses that didn’t kill you. Look at all those boosters!



Have you ever looked at a wasp nest in the corner of a house and found yourself wondering how the bricks spawned the nest?

By the way: I’m seeing up to a third dose in the first year. Not four or five or whatever you guys are up to now.

Flu… vaccine…

I can assure you I don’t participate in that one. And that’s not four or five in a year.

It’s interesting that they (along with several Western news sites) just around 2 or 3 days ago also brought up the possibility of the the delta variant “mutating itself out of existence” that you brought up in the Chinese news almost a month ago.

(I’m not saying this mutation shit is true because I know balls about this shit and I’m so fucking dumb it took me 3 days to assemble a fucking DIY cat tree. I’m just talking about what’s in the news in different countries, in this case the pretty large time lag between what was reported in Asia and the West.)

^ @ins THIS is a disclaimer. :joy:

I am going to sue you, no matter your disclaimer. You are liable!!!

They are up to insanity. Hopefully it will end soon.



I don’t wanna get into a “is Merck’s or Pfizer’s new drug just ivermectin rebranded, albeit with some slight modifications” exchange because it’s a weekend and I’ve turned my brain off. Even then, I can’t really be bothered to anyway.

But ONE full course of Merck’s drug costs $700??? Fuck.

They even named it after the actual name of Thor’s hammer which I don’t know how to spell LMAO!!!


Disclaimer: I’ve just an idiot posting on a bodybuilding forum who thinks that while ivermectin isn’t convincing (to me) as a drug for neither treatment nor prophylaxis due to the current lack of evidence, also believes it has the potential to stop global warming because cows wouldn’t fart as much after they’ve been dewormed.

And, yes, I am aware that drugs like ivermectin are produced in both human grade and animal grade forms because I know idiots who used to sneak into horse stables at turf clubs to steal tren because no one produces human grade tren and back in the day they wouldn’t have tren in Thai pharmacies since they only had roids approved for human use but sold them illegally and large illegal roid producers hadn’t emerged yet.

See? I’m an idiot beyond reasonable doubt since I mixed with slightly bigger idiots.

No difference. Truth, from a medical professor (not me, a buddy)

(And everyone should know this, just from watching the John Wick movie LOL.)

Literally decades ago, I remember an over the counter painkiller (I forget which one now, but it was very common) sold in 200mg pill form. I hurt myself skiing, and my buddy’s wife (…not a benevolent person) refused to give me one of her “prescription” pain meds sold for female issues -the exact same painkiller, 800mg pill form.

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