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Coronavirus - What Happened?

To note, I believe the clinical trials employing covid-19 vaccines for those below the age of 12 now use a fraction of the dose you’d otherwise give an adult.

People get most of their vaccinations as infants and toddlers. If you’re a parent you’ve had your kid at the doctors office every 6-12 months for the first few years getting a series of shots for the dozen or so vaccinations that are common these days and a requirement to attend most schools.

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They are required because they give actual immunity. Getting polio after being vaccinated is a true breakthrough case.

These are not vaccines. What do they do? You can still get it, and transmit it. Severity may be lower but, is not guaranteed. So, why should they be required for a segment of the population that is least at risk?? There is like a 0.2% chance of death.

Will boosters be required every 6 months forever?

Oh goodie so, boosters will be required sooner? I can not imagine being continuously jabbed is good, especially with MRNA tech/shots that were not created for these purposes. We have no idea what the long term effects may be.

You’re aware mRNA technology has been around for over a decade right?

We also have postmarketing reports and phase I,II,III clinical trials covering millions of people.

The meningococcal vaccine is far more dangerous… Why aren’t people bitching about that? This is hardly the first vaccine mandate issued over travel btw… It is however the first mandate we’ve imposed a degree of segregation over. Those who aren’t jabbed effectively can’t do anything

That’s bullshit, create a 3g system like Israel. You’ve either been jabbed, you have natural immunity or you get a negative test every week.

Yup… Just like the flu shot, however I am vehemently against the concept of mandates.

Hot take: if the COVID vaccines don’t prevent transmission, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for young, metabolically healthy and non immunocompromised children to get vaccinated.

I’ve seen some studies showing that the risk from side effects could be worse than the risk from infection

I also think the US government should take natural immunity more seriously

I am of the opinion they’ll be recommended (not required) every twelve months come autumn/winter. Just like the flu shot. The covid shot for the most part is actually more effective than the flu shot, but we don’t see people throwing a tantrum over school mandates for a child to be immunised against influenza in many countries.

Oh… My god… People keep misinterpreting what a vaccine can and can’t do. A vaccine doesn’t guarantee you total immunity… It’s like the flu shot, you can still get the flu… Hell if they guess the strain of flu wrong it hardly provides any protection

People also don’t quite understand the implication of that 0.2% (and it’s closer to 0.5%)… The R eff is like 6-8 with the delta strain. For every one person who gets it, 6-8 more get it. That’s absolutely insane

Now let’s say the overall hospitalisation rate is closer to 2%… And 20% of the population catches it over a span of 5 months… How many hospital/ICU beds do you think each country has?

It’s far, far, far, FAR less than you’d think. If max capacity is reached, someone coming in with a heart attack/stroke can’t receive treatment. In my state that around 6 million people live in, we have perhaps a few thousand ICU beds… Even with a 0.2% mortality rate (and it’s closer to 0.5%) hospitals aren’t going to cope well if say… 10-20% of the population gets it over a six month period IF everyone isn’t vaccinated… Even with vaccines, hospitals will be fucked, but it won’t equate to a total standstill of the healthcare system.

Some countries can cope, ICU capacity in the UK is vastly superior to most of Europe and Australia.

The Netherlands recently had to stop elective procedures for heart disease and cancer patients. In one state within the US, hospitals stopped resuscitating those who went into cardiac arrest for ANY cause. “Sorry Joe who has just had a heart attack at 45. We could have received you but tough shit”.

Vaccines dramatically reduce the burden on hospitals… That is all, chances are it isn’t going to stop you from catching covid. But when you do, chances of hospitalisation are lower. From an epidemiological perspective this is advantageous.

THIS… I actually agree with

Below the age of thirty… The risks (although absolutely minute) may outweigh the benefits unless you’re immunocompromised, an anabolic steroid user (can link data to back my claim here), or obese.

They don’t stop transmission, they reduce it ever so slightly… Maybe by half

I’m which case the R quota is still going to be around 4… And including kids isn’t going to make much of a difference.

They’ll iron out the vaccines eventually. With Pfizer’s new antiviral drug and AZ’s new antibody treatment I have a feeling over the next year covid will become a pandemic of third world countries as it would be possible to drive down the death rate to near zero within developed countries if mass production is feasible.

Not testing in humans.

The effects of continuous shots has not.

It gives real protection and it is not mandatory.

Certain US states I believe it is mandatory if you want your child to attend school

My response was for the comparison to school immunizations. Again, immunizations.

Chance of Hospitalization for infants, young people, healthy adults is very small death even lower. We know that the numbers/stats show those most that do require hospitalization are unhealthy. They have underlying issues and multiple comorbidities, why not solve that? That is what is causing the problems.

As I have said before the old and vulnerable should consider it that is all. However, that would eat into the 50 billion they stand to make in 2021.


It is also has a high mortality rate. Treatment may not help.

Europe is burning. We know better totalitarism. Glad it started in Rotterdam. That is a place with one of the most violent football fans. Austria fired it up though. This green pass thing needs to be dealth with.

Nope, neo-Nazis are rioting.

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That is peaceful protest

Nope, neo-Nazis, burning down stuff. They believe that “freedom” protests such as these give them a veneer of legitimacy and an excuse to riot.

Do you think that they rail against “Talmudists” (their favorite slogan) because they’re concerned for “personal freedoms”?

Incidentally, far right is behind protests in Australia, many linked to neo-Nazis from their respective old countries.

I know that’s the case with the creeps running CFMEU in Australia.

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Funny how far right and fascists run against fascist rules. While antifa and blm are pro fascist rules. What a time to be alive.

Depends which Aussie protest you’re looking at.

The protests with the tradies weren’t Neo Nazis, they were a bunch of pissed off tradesmen angry their lunch breaks had been taken away.

Recent anti mandate/restrictions (peaceful) protests weren’t Neo Nazis/the far right either. It was a disorganised combination of anti vaxers, neo Nazis and normal people

You need to remember Australia had some of the longest (actually Melbourne had THE longest) and most draconian lockdowns in the world despite having only a fraction of the case load relative to the rest of the world. Our vaccine mandates are so harsh those who haven’t been jabbed face permenant lockdown.

Most residing within secular countries can’t comprehend what those who live in Victoria had to go through, particularly Melbourne…

The freedom rallies in NSW that occured during peak lockdown had 50-100K people storm the city… Do you really think they were all Neo Nazis? The idea of the protest was set up by far right/anti Semitic organisations, however the actual protest by/large spread by word of mouth, ditto with Vic. I only knew the dates/times of the protests as some would share dates/times on Facebook… But I never attended as it was considered illegal and depending on the context (even if peaceful) still is. I was intending to leave the country… I’m leaving next week for a long time and I didn’t want to do anything that could put my plans in jeopardy.

The riots? Yes… They were orchestrated by many associated with the far right end of the political spectrum. At the same time, no… They weren’t all Neo Nazis, they made up a minority at these protests… Hell, there were Jews attending these protests, even the riots…

That’ll happen when you spend almost 200 cumulative days in lockdown with a vein, authoritatian and condescending premier in charge.

Australians had and still have far more of a reason to protest relative to Europe… Hell, parts of Australia are still under harsh lockdown over like 10 cases per day.

Should be noted the rioting/violence seen in the Aussie protests doesn’t remotely compare to the severity of the violence unfolding in Europe. We saw some guys storm police in response to being shot at with baton rounds (for protesting) or charged at by police on horseback.

Some set off flares, the tradie protest entailed a few windows getting broken… That was about it.

The leaders most definitely are. I’m (fortunately only a distant) relative of one of Setka’s henchmen. As I was able to see from Facebook, he went to the trade union protest brandishing the insignia of one the Wehrmacht volunteer units that perished in the battle of Stalingrad.