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Coronavirus - What Happened?

I’ve not been following Biden’s escapades lately. He’s not as entertaining as Trump was.

But if you guys end up with photos of him doing shit like this, PLEASE post them:




Almost as good as the Epsteins fuck island. Lets not talk about Bulgarian politics. People in Bulgaria do not really care, judging by voting participation, I doubt people here care. We are fine. There is no labor shortage, no supply shortage, salaries are rising, there are foreign investments and lots of outsourcing.

I gave an example that even tradesman here know the horror in US with the vax mandates. And how things are done for the greater good.

Why not? You’re talking about US politics and the alleged “horror of vax mandates” there. Why is the US of A fair game and Bulgaria is not?

Why not talk about the criminal-populist-snake oil salesmen nexus that is responsible for only 16% of Bulgarians getting their shot?

Best I can do is a passed out Bulgarian PM naked on a bed after hookers and blow.


Bulgaria is experiencing a troubling brain drain, by the way. The conditions are such that most adult professionals flee at the first opportunity. Together with other factors, this is forcing the population to shrink at an extraordinary rate.

It may not be catastrophe just yet, but “rude health” and “Bulgaria” are not even in the same time zone.

Why I’d prefer to get AZ over moderna

I’m not particularly concerned about the risks, the argument over the potential for long term ramifications (that I don’t find valid). I can understand why someone would have qualms about these vaccines and I’m not going to judge someone for refusing to get vaccinated. On the other hand, I do feel as if hospitals should prioritise the vaccinated less you go private, if you’ve chosen to spin the dice… Accept the risks. Goes against medical ethics though…

If I say… Abuse steroids for decades, acquire CHF and require a heart transplant… Imo I ought to be at the bottom of the transplant list. It’s a dog eat dog world, and from my perspective I’d be less worthy of a second chance if I willingly fucked up my shot at living in the first place (with exceptions, leeway for those in unfortunate circumstances leading to self destructive behaviour).

However if I HAD to choose… TTS is typically caught early, has a favourable prognosis. Most who acquire TTS will be relatively free of long term complications.

If I was paranoid i’d ask a doc to check my platelet count two weeks after the first dose… And again two weeks after that checkup… But I didn’t care. Given my lack of risk aversion this certainly wouldn’t even come close to ranking on my list of things that are too risky for me to consider trying. I’m the type of person who would be willing to jump down a black diamond slope without any formal ski training… And I’ve done this… And wiped out hard… And I’d do it again…

The incidence of myocarditis associated with Pfizer/mRNA vaccines, particularly within young people is higher than the prevalence of TTS in high people associated with AZ/J&J

Despite the fear campaign surrounding AZ in Aus, it’s my preferred choice. Even if I was to have a blood clot… I can live with permenant, minor neurological deficits (I already do #autism), I wouldn’t want to live with dilated cardiomyopathy, perhaps making walking 100 metres a struggle.

Do think the vaccines are particularly risky? Not really… Perhaps slightly moreso than your contemporary flu vaccine, but if you’re say over the age of say… 35… the risks from covid are comparatively higher

If you’re under 35, being vaccinated will reduce overall transmission, you probably won’t pass it onto your grandma who even when fully vaccinated is far more likely to die relative to myself even if I wasn’t vaccinated

Still… I think that’s a weak argument. Being vaccinated reduces the chances of hospitalisation, therefore reducing the chances of our healthcare system crumbling, that’s the strongest argument from my perspective.

Australia’s health system will crumble, our hospitals are fucking pathetic. We’ve had eighteen months, and we’ve done nothing aside from lockdowns, shooting at protestors (rubber projectiles), 5km radiuses, millitary patrols and curfews.

… I can’t wait to leave (relatively soon I’m out! Don’t have a plan as to when I’ll return).

Did you notice the bag next to him says “bath salts” :rofl:

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That is not true. The majority of succesfull people I know stay in Bulgaria and develop a business or work in a high paying jobs. The only people emigrating I know are low skill people, mostly minority.

There are young people going abroad for sure. I am 35 and from all the people I know that went abroad are now home and running successful business in marketing, construction, agriculture, it, media and etc. The ones that are left abroad as mentioned are low skill and minority. Like my parents. They are low skill middle class people, who work currently as social workers in retirement home and do extra money cleanig villas and elderly peoples homes in Spain.

However young people going abroad to work is normal for Europeans. At least in poorer countries. However I am pretty sure it is not limited to them. It is a life experience. And since we need just an ID to travel and just an ID o start working, young people go and do it.

As I have told you elsewhere, your habit of making obviously and demonstrably incorrect statements with maximum confidence will never allow you to learn or grow. Bulgaria’s population trend is the most negative in the world (challenged only by Lithuania), because of emigration and low birth rates.

You recount your personal experience as though it were in any way meaningful for a whole country. It really isn’t. If it were, I’d tell you about the Bulgarians I know who have left.

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And you will never learn. This is different from brain sink. Our most successful people do not leave.
It is different from the population being the most negative - because of emigration and low birth rate. I agree with that. I disagree that there is a brain drain.

I am going to say that to you for the first time. But making assumptions on non-relative data does not make you correct and you are not demonstrating that you know what you are talking about. IT specialists in Sofia for example are the most well paid in Europe based on countries living standards (I am sorry I do not remember the correct word). So an IT specialist in Sofia basically earns more and lives better than an IT specialists in Frankfurt, the economical capital of Europe. Why would an IT specialist from Bulgaria would like to leave for Germany for example?

Sure a housekeeper in Sunny Beach works for barely 400-500 EUR per month and for her it worths it to emigrate in Frankfurt and work for some Holiday Inn or something, where she may get 1600 EUR per month. You are talking with someone that spend his 20s in different countries and has experienced a lot with emigration. Anyone worthy of 2 cents returns unless they find a wife of a husband abroad. The rest are usually either minority in Bulgaria or very low skilled workers. And they go wash dishes, change sheets, work in petrol stations. The better of them learn a trade or get certificated to work as caretakers, physio therapists or something. The most entrepreneur oriented either do prostitutes or buy a couple of trucks to drives them with a family member.

I’d love to see Biden actually take them and attempt to eat Ted Cruz’s face.


Richard H. Ebright

Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Somebody tell me if I should have put this in Stupid.

The vaccines are the mark of the antichrist! Now I will start forging deeds to Arctic resort property as per another post of mine form (sp?)(42) the other day.

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No wonder monkeys start chasing my car whenever I pass by near a nature reserve.

“Pastor Darin Wood of First Baptist Church in the oil town of Midland, Texas, wrote an op-ed in August for the Midland Reporter-Telegram that said […] ‘There’s no indication that the vaccine matches the mark described by the Apostle John.’”

As Revelation was written by John the Elder–no relation to John the Apostle, who was long dead when Revelation was written–I would argue that this ‘pastor’ is not well-suited to address concerns on this subject.

Stirring up shit.

Bet this is a coronavirus-thread derail no one saw coming.

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Biblical style plague, Biblical derail.

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