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Coronavirus - What Happened?

During the trump supported insurrection, when congress was forced into close quarters, a group of flaming douchebag assholes from the trump party refused to wear masks around their pleading colleagues, many of whom have significant comorbitities.

Now, multiple folks from congress have contracted covid. Almost certainly from last Wednesday.

Classy. Real. Fucking. Classy.

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Muh freedom!

I marvel that humanity has lasted as long as it has.

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Good thing they got 3 expert opinions for this one. Genuinely, it’s no wonder that trust in experts is in the toilet when they are so frequently living in a separate universe.

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I hope the preliminary signs are borne out. 5 months is better than 3 by a damn sight

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I think we all do at this point. The U.K. is planning to vaccinate 2.3 million next week, 24 weeks at that rate to reach most of the population.

Ireland’s rollout has been a shambles. 30000 a week, at that rate we’ll be at it for years.

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We’re roughly the same shambles, the “fastest rollout ever” has turned into a mess

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Ireland, and the EU more broadly, has a vaccine dose procurement issue. Ireland is entitled to 2.1 million of the doses procured at EU level for a population of 5 million.

The U.K. has over 100 million procured, so can cover the whole population.

Bit of a mess at the last hurdle, it must be said.

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Fast food can handle a billion orders a day, but huge dedicated injection sites in parking complexes - we can do 12,000 a day… made up numbers, but typical of government.

Texas has done over 1 million first shots so far


Serious question.

Are there still large numbers of people thinking that COVID is just a “bad Flu”?

Yep. Douchebag architect in my office’s building walks around w/o a mask despite constant emails from bldg mgmt saying masks in common areas are mandatory.

On Tuesday he tried to enter the elevator with one of my engineers w/o a mask on. When she objected, he gave her shit and told her it was LESS dangerous than the flu. I get shit from from other consultants all the time for refusing to attend 10 person meetings in construction trailers and requesting to attend on video conference instead.

Had another co-worker who visited vegas and arizona recently. He’s a good ol boy from south Carolina. He said vegas felt pretty safe, mask compliance high, folks taking it seriously, etc. When I asked about AZ, he said “man, people were just rude there!”. Unsurprisingly, AZ is overflowing hospitals.

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I got my Moderna vaccine shot today about an hour ago. The rollout of this is incredibly weird. The county I was in did not give me the shot I went to a different county which only had 50 doses they said. I’m the director for a child welfare agency and we are frequently in emergency situations.

Shot didn’t even remotely hurt. Honestly if I was blindfolded and didn’t know it was coming I might not have noticed. Waited 15 minutes and then they asked if I felt ok and let me leave. Feel perfectly fine and have a workout planned unless I have arm soreness might wait a day.

Second shot in 28 days.


I believe the population of morons has not seriously dwindled so I would answer yes

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