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Coronavirus - What Happened?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone that is worried about COVID. Does it seem so bad now?

Compared to a Hell where only Girls and Sex in the City can be watched?

If you were worried about the ‘Rona, that would be a paradise.

Depends how worried I was … people can be and are worried to different degree last I checked - depends on perspective it would seem

Instant death vs. Sex in the City?

Clearly Sex in the City is worse … instant death is fine, painless - Sex in the City is death by a 1000 prada shoes

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Again: Think of it from the perspective of someone worried about the COVID. You’ve got to believe there is nothing worse than death or this whole thought experiment is worthless.

Then it’s a worthless thought experiment … I’m fine with that

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Fair enough. For the record: At no point in this was I serious.

I’m well aware … I fell short in coming up with a way to extend it - fuckin work got in the way

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Fat man Ford threatens to shut down Ontario again. The same guy whose campaign
slogan was “Ontario - Open for business”.

“The province reported 313 new cases of COVID-19 today, a level not seen in Ontario since early June.”

Only problem is that they are now testing way more people than back in June, plus hardly anyone is dying now.

See the graphs in this link showing the number of deaths, the curve has been flat since mid June:

is this the same guy who was the coked out mayor of Toronto??? (I’m probably jacking up your politicians and the office in which they served)

That was his brother Rob, he was always drunk and was recorded smoking crack on at least one occasion.

gotcha … so he’s Toronto’s Marion Barry

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Marion Barry’s brother. Rob’s dead.

Doug Ford was more like a Trump wannabe in the beginning, the media was even calling him the Canadian Trump, but he’s even more of a liar and hypocrite.

Here’s his brother, the late Rob Ford, sucking on a crack pipe:

Schools opened up again this month, but a lot of the new stuff is totally ridiculous. If your kid has any symptom that could possibly be COVID then they have to either get tested (testing centers are over capacity and it’s an all-day wait), see a doctor who will write a note saying it’s not COVID (how can they possibly know?), or isolate for 14 days. This could be a runny nose, cough, diarrhea, anything. Especially considering that it’s fall now and it’s highly likely that just about everyone will catch a cold or have a runny nose at some point, it’s fucking crazy. A lot of times if I’m outside for a while in the winter my nose starts running, that’s enough to be isolated and have swabs shoved down your throat or to the back of your nose. There is no way I’m doing that test again, and I wouldn’t want to make my kids do it either.

I think the word for this is coronaphobia.

There is other ridiculous shit in the schools, like you aren’t allowed to put just about anything in the garbage can. I’m not even sure why they have garbage cans anymore, the kids have to bring home all packaging and leftovers from their lunch and snacks. One of my kids was told straight up by the teacher that if you put stuff in the garbage you will get the coronavirus. It’s complete madness.

Are you saying that’s not true?