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Coronavirus - What Happened?

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Prions are a thing though, and more possible in “pest” animals. They don’t get destroyed during cooking and they can cause all kinds of shit to go wrong.

As to your other post, I don’t doubt the govt would try to avoid having it come out that they had lax safety standards that led to an accident.

However, one thing that the Chinese are very proud of is their science–both their collaborations with leading institutes in other countries and their desire to attract or buy all the talent they can from other places/sending their kids off to the US/UK and bring back PhDs.

A major safety lapse would cause major loss of face as well as collaboration abilities and a considerable drop in the reputation of Chinese bioscience. Even considering lax safety standards in general manufacturing and housing, I don’t see that happening with something as prized as their national academic reputation. Even the RISK of something like that coming to light would be enough to deter bad behavior at their cutting edge, nationally lauded facility.

In short it’s not that they can’t be shady or lax, it’s that they value their academic reputation as a country more than enough to avoid this sort of thing. Scientists from other countries aren’t going to let you collaborate on the prime gems if they think your facility will screw them up.


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Here’s something serious for a change:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In July 2019, a rare event occurred in Canada. Suspected of espionage for China, a group of Chinese virologists was forcibly evicted from the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg, where they had been running parts of the Special Pathogen Program of Canada’s public health agency. One of the procedures conducted by the team was the infection of monkeys with the most lethal viruses found on Earth. Four months prior to the Chinese team’s eviction, a shipment containing two exceptionally virulent viruses—Ebola and Nipah—was sent from the NML to China. When the shipment was traced, it was held to be improper and a “possible policy breach.”

So while there is no mention of coronavirus, this shows that some Chinese scientists have been doing questionable and possibly unsafe things with dangerous viruses. And seeing as there is a research lab for this sort of stuff in Wuhan, it’s possible something would have been sent there and things went wrong along the way. This is all pure speculation of course, but it isn’t unfounded.

And now the Jewish angle to the conspiracy, just for @Jewbacca - this article is from an organization at an Israeli university. The plot thickens…

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Anything could be possible, we won’t ever know the truth, same with 9/11, same with the boston bombing, there’s somethings we’ll just never know

This isn’t some sort of false flag attack, at least not by the Chinese government. More likely it was an accident with viruses being used for research, or maybe just from whatever varmints they have been eating in Wuhan like they say.

So now the Russian media is blaming the US for the coronavirus outbreak, and apparently the Chinese military is now saying the same thing. I don’t claim to know what happened and I don’t trust any of these governments, but the fact that they accuse the US is troublesome because now there is a chance they might try to retaliate and that could mean spreading other pathogens in the US.

I’m not sure about the source of the China article but it’s along the same lines as what the Russians are claiming so I don’t doubt it.


I’m sorry but what kind of absolute IDIOT thinks that Trump would create a virus, and then NOT name it the Trump Virus? Gtfoh.



Here’s my 2 cents as a Chinese person;

  1. The conspiracies are false
  2. The Chinese government is fudging numbers
  3. The Chinese government screwed up with the response and the political system with it’s screwed up incentive system is to blame
  4. The international response is quite overblown IMO

Note: I’m someone who generally defends the Chinese government